Done it again !!!! Anyone got the Rugby???

  Demora 11:23 24 Feb 2008


click here

Only this time its a lot worse. I placed a Brand new Memorex DVD=RW in the DVD rec and formatted it. set the time for the Rugby last night and everything went well (or so I thought).

Finalised the disk so I could take it to the pc and convert it to something smaller to send to other half via 'Civilnetizen' and NOTHING was on the dvd. The dvd looked as if it had been written to, all I can think of is that it was a bad disk.

This time he's in Brazil.

I know that the BBC iPlayer is showing this but I can't download it or capture it. And they only show to UK PC users.

Big cry for Help



  tullie 11:32 24 Feb 2008

Only thing i can suggest,is that youve stuffed it up.

  Demora 19:33 24 Feb 2008

I'm not giving up....yet.

The only thing I can come up with is to run the video on the bbc website and put my camcorder on a tripod.


  Newuser38 20:33 24 Feb 2008

Not sure why you cant download from BBCiplayerbecause you have it available for 30days then, provided you dont watch it.

If you could get someone else to do it onto their PC which they could let the better half see on return, assuming he is back in the 30 days, that might be the answer.

  Demora 20:43 24 Feb 2008

The website says its not available for download and is only there for 6 more days.


  Bingalau 21:01 24 Feb 2008

Demora. The only thing you can do is watch it on BBC iPlayer then. I don't know why it isn't available for download on iPlayer, I saw the England game against France and also the Wales v Italy game on TV, but I missed the Scotland v Ireland one. So I am going to have to find time to sit here and watch that one.

Does anybody know how long these downloads take on BBCiPlayer?

  MCE2K5 21:27 24 Feb 2008

When I used it, It took anywhere from 1/2 to 3/4's of an Hour.

  Newuser38 21:56 24 Feb 2008

I did not realise some programmes were not available for download.
It seems that in order to get some programmes BBC have to agree that some are only available for play and sports programmes are included in this. This applies to all the internationals from yesterday.

Sorry cant think of a way round it. I watched them all and so did not record.

  paddyjack 22:14 24 Feb 2008

I have just had a look at a torrent site and the first round games are there so I should imagine that in a week or so the latest set of games will be there as well.

  Demora 22:22 24 Feb 2008

I have never used any of the Torrent sites. Haven't got a clue as to where to start.

I assume the the 'not available for download' has something to do with copyright and Royalties.


  paddyjack 22:30 24 Feb 2008

you can download from them but as you say its the legality of the download.

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