Donald Trump's conflicts of interest....

  Forum Editor 09:59 25 Nov 2016

I see trouble ahead.

  rickf 20:03 25 Nov 2016

"I'm sure his advisers will show him the way once he is President." I doubt if they will. These people are living by the principle pf "post truths." They will be attempts to normalize the perverse. Racism and fascism are now re-branded alt right.

  Forum Editor 23:03 25 Nov 2016

"I'm sure his advisers will show him the way once he is President."

The way to do what? I foresee trouble because there will undoubtedly be conflicts of interest. Presidential advisers aren't going to be of any help with that.

  Flak999 23:18 25 Nov 2016

I also see trouble ahead! I have said it all in the FE other thread on Trump so I wont reiterate it all again here. Trump may be an astute business man (I don't believe he is) but he is a political tyro. He is surrounding himself with some very dubious characters and he still seems to think he can run his businesses without having any conflict of interest!

I predict he will not see out his first term as president, he will be impeached as Nixon was. Trouble for America, but also trouble for the rest of the free world. Where there is a political vacuum, there is the opportunity for someone to fill the void! (Putin)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:22 26 Nov 2016

Maybe the trouble is closer than we think?

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  rickf 10:59 26 Nov 2016

He is not a good businessman as those who are fooled say he is. The Trump Uni was a fraud set up to exploit the very hard working people who he claims he is representing. It's a scam on a very big scale. He's been made bankrupt four times. He owes the Bank of China and Deutsche Bank hundreds of millions of pounds. He tries to influence political decisions with his so-called wealth. He had refused to made public his tax affairs during the election. In short he is capitalist predator of the worst kind. Americans who voted for him astound me with their short-term thinking/inability to think. America will suffer economically if he were to go for protectionism. Globalization with all it's faults has brought benefit to the country. It simply cannot be stopped. The world has changed. His taste is decor seems to say " Let them eat cake." Sorry it's a bit rambling and a bit of a rant but with Trump you have to.

  rickf 11:00 26 Nov 2016

oops, "taste in decor"

  rickf 11:02 26 Nov 2016

In short I worry about the effects his presidency will have on the world. trouble times ahead, I think.

  oresome 14:06 26 Nov 2016

There is no doubt that the situation is fraught with difficulty and his opponents will be watching him like a hawk.

However, the fact is that vested interests are behind most political parties and one man one vote democracy is something of an illusion. A large purse and control of the media counts for much more than being able.

  Burn-it 12:39 27 Nov 2016

He has outstanding court cases against him that he will have to attend - unless he manages somehow to break the legal system.

  wee eddie 13:25 27 Nov 2016

We live in interesting times.

America will have to deal with the consequences of their Vote.

Just as we have to deal with the consequences of the EU Vote and The Sainted Nicola will have to come to terms with the consequences of the Scottish Peoples vote.

Meantime, as Dave Allen would say "May your God go with you"

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