donald trump is a liability

  KEITH 1955 13:44 15 Jul 2018

Trump goes on twitter every day and has a rant before breakfast and then his advisors have to face the media to repair the damage his mouth has done.

twitter is for people not presidents.

have you counted how many staff he has got rid of , he even sacked a long service military man the day before he retired , end result very reduced pension.

have you noticed at meetings he stops mid sentence then carries on , its almost as if he has an ear piece you cant see and is getting told what to say …. when Ronald Reagan started having health problems their were rumours that his staff actually did this to him.

he does not seem to realise how much damage he is doing to his own country , due to trade embargoes Harley Davidson are taking the bulk of production overseas because they cant get the raw materials they need. What kind of message does that send out to others companies when an icon of the usa throws in the towel.

personally speaking when he first came to power I put breakfast news on every morning before going to work because he waved a big stick at a lot of countries. I fully expected him to start an all out war with somebody.

  rickf 17:11 23 Jul 2018

he's a man who loves his country so much he's willing to do the job for free, he's fighting people who are just in the job to further their own ambitions. Perhaps also a man who uses his office to line his own pockets is more likely. He loves his country so much that he dodged the draft as did his kids I believe.

  MPN1A 18:58 02 Aug 2018

He is now proposing to reduce several environmental measures which President Obama put in place. Nineteen states are threatening legal action against the move. (BBC)

  john bunyan 19:19 02 Aug 2018

Obviously he has all the failings mentioned above. I saw Ed Balls in Trumpland on TV and his Southern supporters say he is wonderful, growth rate over 4%, unemployment down, veterans and military happy. In spite of us and many in USA agreement on his idiocy he may well get a second term

  Quickbeam 20:59 02 Aug 2018

It's a dead cert!

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