Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Ursula von der Leyen

  wee eddie 22:46 14 Dec 2016

What is the world coming to.

Maybe the time has come to topple the old certainties and make a new world, where politicians no longer pussyfoot around each other's sensibilities and tell it like it is

  oresome 09:25 16 Dec 2016

There is always more than one point of view and 'telling it like it is' often reveals the prejudices of the person doing the telling.

My view is that people at the top have massive egos that need stroking if we are to win business from them. Gentle persuasion after forging a relationship is likely to be more fruitful and that brings us back to old world diplomacy.

  oresome 20:17 22 Dec 2016

"The Chinese government is a despicable, parasitic, brutal, brass-knuckled, crass, callous, amoral, ruthless and totally totalitarian imperialist power that reigns over the world’s leading cancer factory, its most prolific propaganda mill and the biggest police state and prison on the face of the earth."

That is the view of Peter Navarro, the man chosen by Donald Trump to lead a new presidential office for US trade and industrial policy, a move likely to add to Beijing’s anxieties over the billionaire’s plans for US-China relations.

Navarro certainly 'tells it like it is'. It will lead to interesting times.


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  Forum Editor 22:47 22 Dec 2016

Donald Trump and his administration would do well to remember that China is the biggest foreign holder of America's national debt - currently the figure is around $1.25 trillion.All in all, China owns just over 10% of all American public debt.

The very last thing Trump needs to do is to start antagonising the Chinese, but it looks as if his administration is deliberately setting out to do just that.

Factor in Trump's comments about the need to increase the number of American nuclear warheads, and Russia enters the arena. Both China and Russia will not sit around and watch without entering the race - thus turning the clock back by a few decades.

The truth is, Donald Trump doesn't have the first clue about international relations - he's the classic bull in a china shop.

  wee eddie 01:07 23 Dec 2016

Doom! With any luck we'll survive.

I think that Trump makes an interesting foil for Putin.

  Forum Editor 14:04 23 Dec 2016


I'm not with you on Brexit - why is that like Donald Trump, and why is it 'so-called'?

  bumpkin 15:14 23 Dec 2016

rdave, I found it a baffling analogy also, would you like to elaborate.

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