Domestic Appliance Spares - GRRRRR!

  onthelimit1 15:38 18 Oct 2012

Son has a year old Indesit washing machine. The simple, plastic timer knob has been chewed by his dog. Thought I'd organise a spare for him.


For that I could get an internal DVD player, a webcam (both postage free) or a bottle of scotch. Madness. Rant over!

Anyway, the dog would probably chew it again.

  onthelimit1 16:06 18 Oct 2012

Hmmm - I think the teeth marks may have been a giveaway!

  Woolwell 16:13 18 Oct 2012

A lot cheaper than the new kitchen that was required several years ago after our puppies chewed the old one.

  onthelimit1 16:23 18 Oct 2012

Yes - I went down that route when our Labs were pups.

  cruiser2 16:26 18 Oct 2012

We use a local repair shop. They always have old machines in the window which they use for spares. There is also another firm which supplies spares for most electrical equipment. Some has to be ordered but again good service. If you live in the NW of England can let you have details.

  Forum Editor 16:30 18 Oct 2012

I tend to use these people when I need spares. They have huge stocks of spares for most things electrical and electronic, and - so far - they've always had what I wanted.

  csqwared 16:42 18 Oct 2012


Good link - bookmarked


  onthelimit1 17:18 18 Oct 2012

Yes, I've used them before, but that's where this price came from! It's not just partmaster (part of Currys, I believe) - all others are similarly overpriced.

  wiz-king 17:26 18 Oct 2012

Take a wander to you local council dump with a screwdriver and see if they have a similar knob in 'stock'

  BT 17:57 18 Oct 2012

Another website for spares

Appliance spares

  onthelimit1 19:34 18 Oct 2012

Even more expensive link to the actual knob here shocking, I think.

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