domain reistry of america

  conrail 10:22 19 May 2008

recently renewed my domain name and web space then got this letter from 'domain reistry of america' I have until the end of the month to renew my domain name or risk losing it, I contacted my web space provider who confirmed it had nothing to do with them and to ignore it, at first glance it would be easy to just pay them but reading it more carefully I can see they want me to sign everything over to them, so be warned about these people, also they are a lot more expensive than I am currently paying. I appreciate a lot of forum member will be aware of these letters but it is a warning to others

  spuds 11:46 19 May 2008

This topic and that company have been mentioned over a period of years now. Still looks like nothing as been done about it!.

  conrail 12:38 19 May 2008

thanks for responce spuds, I did a search before posting but nothing found, obviously I used the wrong keywords.

  Forum Editor 17:18 19 May 2008

that the company concerned is doing nothing illegal - it's not asking for money, although let's say the letters are creatively written.

As spuds says, this topic has cropped up on a regular basis over the years. Nothing has been done about it because nothing can be done about it - no law is being broken.

  crosstrainer 17:21 19 May 2008

Of "Aggressive marketing" Bit as the FE point's out, it's not illegal. I have encountered this on many occasions....Fortunately, my clients have been advised, and none have taken the "Bait"

  conrail 15:37 20 May 2008

thanks for comments fe and crosstrainer, as I mentioned I did a search but must have put the wrong keywords in as I found nothing, I posted so that others, there may be some, who would just accept this and pay up, a friend mentioned aol did this to her some years ago

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