Dolly Posh

  Graham. 23:04 29 Aug 2009

How many of you are Dolly Posh? click here

  Forum Editor 23:16 29 Aug 2009

"Slang for 'great' and 'awful' can be good identifiers of a person's generation. If someone says, "that's super" or "that's smashing" it instantly dates them to an older generation than someone who says, "cool"!

What a lot of rubbish. The word 'cool' was being used to describe something that was good, or 'great' decades ago - long before people from today's younger generation rediscovered it and claimed it as their own.

  dagnammit 23:23 29 Aug 2009

I'm 26 and use words like super, great, cool and awesome. I use "that sucks" for awful probably a bit too much.

  Graham. 23:31 29 Aug 2009

You've both missed it.

  dagnammit 23:55 29 Aug 2009

Left handed? No. My youngest daughter is though, just like my mother.

  Forum Editor 06:05 30 Aug 2009

Missed what? I know 'Dolly Posh' used to mean left-handed, but I was commenting on another statement in the article.

For the record I'm not dolly posh.

  laurie53 07:38 30 Aug 2009

The article does seem to be stating the obvious - there are lots of different dialects, and different phrases have different meanings in various parts of the country.

This is hardly a surprising disclosure.

Does anybody, apart from me and my Dad, know what a "frail" is (not the Frank Sinatra "B" movie use!)?

  Toneman 16:07 30 Aug 2009

"frail"?, presume not as in A.S. Neill's "Last Man Alive"?

  john bunyan 16:18 30 Aug 2009

Yes, a "Frail" in the Forest of Dean, where my wife and her family comes from, is, these days a carrier bag, and was originally a wicker basket. I wondered for a while what they were talking about when I first visited! Now , although from "away", I understand the dialect a bit better and have several "Vurrest" CD's by Bill Bryce.

  john bunyan 16:27 30 Aug 2009

A bit more Forest of Dean
Chimmuck = Chimney
Wronk'un = A ne'er do well
Jud = Dead.A niece, asking if a beer glass was finished with asked, instead of "Is this one a dead one?" : " Is thick'un a Jud'un?"

  the hick 16:29 30 Aug 2009

A 'frail' to me means a piece of heavy cloth (canvas?) with handles stitched to it, in which a carpenter carries his heavier tools around in.

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