Doing without a sophisticated OS

  smartrah 13:43 04 Sep 2006

I'm doing a poster presentation in my college. My idea is to make computers in which the operating system will just have a server and a browser. All the tasks that are done on the OS will be done through programmable websites. This is a futuristic plan when everything on the earth will be connected by the internet. I want people to post all kinds of comments on the feasibility of the idea and other pros and cons.
I'm also thinking about having the idea of a centralised hard disk and processing system so that a PC can do without harddisks and processors.
Please comment people

  Haol 13:51 04 Sep 2006

Anything can be done really, but have you got the time, money and skills?

Cons of the internet idea is the safety of the idea. Lots of bad stuff on the net. The OS with a server and browser could be made by editing the linux kernel.

  silverous 13:56 04 Sep 2006

Get PCPRO this month, there's a review of Google's Office product which is based online and it talks about how the broadband revolution has made "network computing" feasible whereas when it was first thought of things weren't quite there.

A friend of mine's father once offered to set me up in business acting as a bureau for small companies - making use of faster telecommunications so that you host all the kit and software and they just 'dial in' (using a browser being today's equivalent).

I think not only is it feasible I think you will see it happen.

Developments such as AJAX have led to better interfaces being available for web applications (before it has been a bit edit, press submit, wait - synchronous I think it is called as opposed to asynchronous).

Cheaper hardware (processors, storage etc.) mean that huge farms of servers/PCs are relatively inexpensive.

The other attraction to this is all the value that is added by the people hosting the PC. You don't have to worry about viruses - they will sweep the machine for you. They will filter for spam. Your machine at home/office will be dumb and therefore you won't need expensive hardware that you replace each year.

Microsoft are also doing something along the lines of having Office hosted online - Office Live I think it is called. They have also released some software for 'legacy' PCs to allow them to function as basic PCs running everything on a server so they clearly see this as the way forward.

Let us know how you get on with the presentation - I think it is a great subject.

  silverous 13:57 04 Sep 2006

It is sort of full-circle back to the original days of computing where you rented time on a big machine, held centrally. Then people wanted the power of having their own computer, now I see that people will want the best of both worlds.

  ezypcy 14:25 04 Sep 2006

Why not a tv,tv set-top box,broadband line and the
various tv channels supplying/sharing all the
software application plus all the other tv rubbish.

Channels for Office,video editing,gaming,films and
music streaming; everything 'to go'.

Simply choose from a menu plus uploading your
material for it will be processed.We are already
seeing this with digital photo processing.

The future will simply be the powerful set-top box.
What is holding it all up is the slow pace of super
broadband infrastructure.
Bill also knows which way the wind is blowing!

  silverous 21:08 06 Sep 2006

THere's media centers around today and broabdand sufficient to mostly do that ezypcy.... not sure why media centers haven't taken off, I think people don't like the idea of a computer in the lounge ;)

  lisa02 21:18 06 Sep 2006

That is where mine is (in the lounge) though it is not a media centre. I would love to have a media centre and a nice big hd flat tv wallmounted like the Philips' advert.

  silverous 11:01 07 Sep 2006

I've got the TV on the wall, but no media center. The TV wasn't cheap but worth every single penny, sell your granny to get one :)

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