Dog Wee smell Reaction to Tile Grouting

  Ex plorer 09:18 29 May 2007

Hi I have a young Collie that's a house pet I have had her since 6 weeks old to save her.
I had just lost my other Collie 3 months previous to this.
The problem is I have a tiled floor now which makes for easy cleaning up in the Kitchen Dinning room where she sleeps, however she has the odd accident and wees on the tiled floor.
Her wee seem to have a reaction to the tile cement grouting and it smells very strong I have tried all household floor cleaners both with hot and cold water so any suggestions would be appreciated.

  Quickbeam 09:28 29 May 2007

Have you tried Jayes fluid... this is one of the things it's marketed for.

  anskyber 09:50 29 May 2007

If that does not work, a longer and less acceptable solution (in terms of work) is to re grout using the waterproof type of epoxy grout.

  Quickbeam 10:28 29 May 2007

Of course you won't have this problem for too long. Dogs don't like living in squalor, if they do it's because a bad master lets them.

My Cocker Spaniel, 3 years old now, proved to be the hardest of all dogs I've had to house train. Within two days she learned to use the paper at the back door & nowhere else. The problem was, she thought that this was the permanent & intended place.

It then took two months & the fitting of a small dog door to retrain her to go outside.

The plus side of the dog door, is any potential night-time invaders, get the fright of their lives as a charging & barking dog 'crashes' out of the door between their legs... friends tend to ring me when they reach my gate!

  Ex plorer 13:32 29 May 2007

Hi Quickbeams this is my 6th dog 4 from puppies, and this one is now 7 months old and the the hardest to try and train but its coming along day by day apart from this problem.
Don't really fancy the smell of Jeys Fluid in my house.
There are 230 12inch tiles so a re-grout is out of the question for me anyway.
anskyber you have given food for thought though for proofing the grout I could try unibond as this is a sealent and I could brush it into the grouted tiles .
I know this is not going to put a stop to the dogs bad habit, and only training will sort this out.
I am still open to suggestions.

  €dstowe 13:38 29 May 2007

I'm not sure that a cold, tile floor is the best place for a dog to sleep.

When my dog was a pup we had him in a basket placed over a polypropylene bathroom mat - one of those rubber backed things and that was on old newspaper. The cushion in the basket was waterproof so all "leakages" ran through on to the mat. It was easy in the morning to take the cushion and mat outside and run a hosepipe over them. They didn't absorb water so by the evening, they were dry. The whole setup was only needed for about six weeks before the dog could last through the night without going.

The mat is still around and acts as a sort of comfort blanket and if we visit friends with the dog, we take the mat and the dog then knows where is is permissible to sit or lie down.

  johndrew 13:48 29 May 2007

To clean the grout and the smell I would suggest a wash over with a mild solution of bleach. Don`t dry it up, leave it to dry itself.

To temporarily protect the subject area, put down a piece of polythene sheet and cover with old newspapers about three sheets thick. This will absorb any fluid and, because the ink is antiseptic, also help reduce any smell.

In the morning the wet paper can either be composted or binned and the polythene rinsed and left to dry.

Given your experience with dogs it shouldn`t be long before you have `dry nights`.

Good luck.

  Ex plorer 13:56 29 May 2007

Hi €dstowe I have a dog basket and a pillow, I change the pillow case weekly and the pillow monthly of which I have two of.
There is no wet-age in her bed I will have to continue with training its just the smell I think what it is is the wee mixing with the cement and it gives of a stronger ammonia smell.

  mimram 17:10 29 May 2007

Ex plorer

Try TriGene, I have found it excellent for removing smells from all surfaces including carpets. It can be bought online from click here

  Forum Editor 17:21 29 May 2007

it won't work. There's only one way to proof the floor thoroughly, and that's to follow anskyber's advice, and use epoxt flooring grout.

It's an absolute nightmare of a job, because you must rake out the existing grout first - try to skimp the work and you'll never get the right result.

The better solution would be to use newspaper - your dog will quickly get the idea, and the paper will protect the tiles, especially if you put a sheet of polythene underneath. As your puppy matures she'll stop peeing on the floor, at least she will if you train her.

  Ex plorer 18:16 29 May 2007

Ok FE thanks for the advice I wont use the Unibond, I will try what you suggest and also look into mimram Idea.
I have just finished painting in along the grouting on the floor a cleaner straight from the bottle which seems to have given a more pleasanter Fragrance for now.
I have the time to train her and as Quickbeam says if they do continue there bad habits it's because a bad master lets them.

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