Doesn't pay to brag

  carver 09:49 20 Mar 2010

I saw this click here and couldn't help but think he got what he deserved.

At least nobody will have to worry about him getting out of jail.

  Grey Goo 09:59 20 Mar 2010

No jokes about Carbon Footprints and the use of electricity please.

  Awshum 10:54 20 Mar 2010

Ouch, certainly some retribution there. xD

  Cymro. 11:03 20 Mar 2010

No one deserves to be put to death no matter what their crime was.
The death penalty is barbaric and is no deterrent to murder. It is just society's way of getting revenge.

  Awshum 11:15 20 Mar 2010

Gotta disagree, he deserved it and it saves money to get rid.

  190119 11:19 20 Mar 2010

You wouldn't say that if your 13 year old niece had been raped and murdered as happened to me.

The swine was then released some years later only to do it again to another poor girl.

  Cymro. 11:26 20 Mar 2010

Yes very likely so,
but then I am also only human and revenge is perhaps a natural if primitive human reaction to such things. We are perhaps after all not so civilised as we would like to think ourselves to be.

  michaelw 11:38 20 Mar 2010

I bet he won't be doing that again.

  carver 11:46 20 Mar 2010

One less bit of scum on the face of the planet, no more money to be spent on him, and no chance of him getting out to do the same thing to some one else. Can't think of a better ending for him, knowing that he's convicted himself.

Can you honestly say you would feel happy and safe living at the side of some one who had committed those crimes.

Maybe, just maybe if there was more deterrent there might be less crime, why should the majority of people have to fear the minority.

There's nothing like a bit of cold hard revenge to make things better.

  sunnystaines 11:54 20 Mar 2010

pity the british justice system is not this good

  Cymro. 11:56 20 Mar 2010

But revenge never made anything better. Yes I agree it gives us some sense of satisfaction but only till the same thing happens again to someone else.

We should be thinking of something better than just revenge in this modern age that we live in. We have been executing murderers and such like for thousands of years and all to no avail. We are a modern civilized society not a load of savages.

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