"That Doesn't Apply to Me"

  morddwyd 08:36 19 Jan 2010

I have some temporary traffic lights outside the house at the moment.

They are sensibly placed with the lights one side of my gate and the "Wait Here" sign the other, so that I can get in and out fairly easily.

So why do so many idiots drive round the sign and wait right across the entrance?

The other day I came back and was going to turn right into the drive, but somebody had stopped right across it.

Traffic behind couldn't go anywhere, nor could oncoming traffic.

Gridlock, only solved because I drove round the block to try again.

Why do so many people think that so many traffic signs don't apply to them?

  Seth Haniel 08:51 19 Jan 2010

just lean on it and make the culprit feel a right fool :)

only joking ;)

  Rigga 08:52 19 Jan 2010

Same seems to happen to red lights these days, the amount of cars that think when the light goes red they have 20 seconds to go through the lights amazes me.

The whole "This doesn't apply to me" seems to be getting progressively worse.


  avesnes1 10:05 19 Jan 2010

I was wondering if this driving attitude has developed from when the car driver (in earlier days) was a cyclist. It amazes me at the number of cyclists that one sees :-

a) completely ignoring traffic lights
b) cycling on the pavements with a bicycle with 26" wheels
c) cycling on a zebra crossing
d) with no lights
e) cycling the wrong way in a one way street

Obviously not all cyclists break the traffic laws but perhaps the lack of enforcement of those laws has generated the "This doesn't apply to me" attitude in some of today's car drivers.

  Al94 10:11 19 Jan 2010

I think lack of enforcement sums it up. I would rather see police resources focussed on people running red lights (and mobile phone usage) than on catching people doing a few mph over the speed limit.

  t.long 10:17 19 Jan 2010

If we discount speed cameras and the cameras that police bus lanes and congestion charging then there is realy no enforcement on our roads or walkways. There in lies the problem, no one is going to get caught or fined for this sort of behavour which togeather with the current "I am more important than anyone else attitude" causes such problems.

Maybe in the future all tempoary traffic lights will come with cameras fixed to them. Go past the sign after the light changes and its 60 quid fine and 3 points. It wont solve the issue, much as speed cameras have not but think of the revenues.

  BT 17:02 19 Jan 2010

Like the chap in the big Merc who followed me for over 2 miles yesterday along a busy main road with a phone to his ear. He was still using it when I turned off.

  Forum Editor 18:37 19 Jan 2010

to the 'me first' society we have created for ourselves.

  muddypaws 21:34 23 Jan 2010

This puts it all in perspective!:
click here

  Graham. 23:49 23 Jan 2010

Where I live is a left turn at traffic lights. These are set to turn to red to all traffic after a short period of no traffic. This is supposed to give a quicker green light to the first vehicle approaching.

What it actually does is delay traffic, making them stop for no reason.

  zzzz999 06:36 24 Jan 2010

I suspect most of us are so bloody stressed by our jobs and lifestyle that our heads are fried most of the time, hence simple observable stuff gets missed and we all seem to get worked up over people missing simple observable stuff

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