Does Your Walking Stick Have A Name?

  Big L 266 10:28 02 Jun 2010


Yes, I'm feeling fine thank you. No, I've not lost my marbles (yet) either.

Two words 'walking stick' are time-consuming to say. However, a few years ago I sent a text to all my friends to ask them what name would they give my walking stick. Apart from wondering if I'd lost the plot, several suggestions came back but weren't quite what I was after. But there was one I immediately liked.

My walking stick is one of the collapsible folding metal section types held together with a strong cord from top to bottom. They're a pain to both collapse and straighten.

My friend came up with the name of 'Clopsy' which I liked straight-away.I asked him how he arrived at this and he said "As your walking stick is collapsible, why not call it 'Clopsy'?" (A variation on words I liked.)

So, my fellow inanimate object-users, my walking sticks are both named 'Clopsy'! One for going to the shops with, and the other for wandering around my bungalow and back garden.

Does your walking stick or other walking aide (or anything else inanimate) have a name? If so,how did you arrive at it?

Big L 266

  Snec 11:18 02 Jun 2010

Are you sure about the marbles? May I suggest you take a second reading :O)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:31 02 Jun 2010

Which residential unit provides your daily care?


  Big L 266 15:21 02 Jun 2010

Hello. marbles are fine even after a second reading!

Gandalf....back to the unit tonight sadly! I appear to have missed several days of my meds!

C'mon Clopsy. Time for a walk around the garden.

Big L 266

  ronalddonald 15:30 02 Jun 2010

how about walkies, or stickies

  ronalddonald 15:32 02 Jun 2010

And Gandalf shame on you i see your moaning about where the olds dears unit is

  Big L 266 15:40 02 Jun 2010


ronalddonald....Me an 'old dear'? Love it!

Big L 266

  Belatucadrus 16:05 02 Jun 2010

Erm ?

No, I've got several hiking sticks including a rather gimmicky one with a built in torch, but I've never felt the urge to name them.

  Bingalau 16:36 02 Jun 2010

I've just acquired a four wheel type zimmer thing. It hasn't got go faster stripes yet, but it enables me to perambulate a lot faster than I used to. Maybe I will call it my Perambulator! I used to give my cars names so why not a walking stick etc.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:23 02 Jun 2010

Roller skates?

  ronalddonald 18:38 02 Jun 2010

how about Staff or Rod or have a look at the label on the stick

or sticks away

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