Does your genetic code make you who you are

  Ungus 12:34 25 May 2015

I read an article in my local paper where there had been a fairly extensive research done as to where did the Scots come from and where did the Picts go. Apparently the only place in the world where you find Scots DNA is in Argyll and up the West and Ireland the only place to find Pictish DNA is in Perthshire Angus Fife and Aberdeenshire where 1 in 5 males carry the Pictish gene. There is some spillage in the north of England and the North of Ireland around just less than 1 percent. Viking DNA is found pretty much all round these islands with most in the northern isles. So i suppose it just goes to prove that the Picts didnt disappear they are still very much with us today. But if you carry either it pretty much will make you unique with a fascinating throw back to history of what makes you who you are. The research primarily was to find these two genetic codes but many in Scotland will carry a mixture of both codes i presume but i am no expert on genetics. Its fantastic what all this modern science can do and prove into what makes you and where your people came from.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:17 25 May 2015

and not a drop of Roman blood in the lot of them :0)

  wee eddie 15:02 25 May 2015

Semantics, dear boy, semantics!

Genes make you "what" you are, not, "who" you are!

  Forum Editor 15:34 25 May 2015

I am half Welsh, and apparently the genetic make-up of Welsh people bears more similarity to the earliest settlers of Britain after the last ice age than any other people in the UK.

  john bunyan 18:00 25 May 2015

Go further back and we all seem to have originated in East Africa.

Mitochondrial Eve

The Picts "Heyday" was the battle of Dun Nechtain on 2 March 685 but their power declined at about 878 - 900 AD, when the Gaels took over.

  Ungus 18:01 25 May 2015

Mike You are correct there is a lot of things that go to making you what you are, the article I referred to was mainly looking for a specific gene code that was unique to Scotland. Pictish Scotland is a particularly interesting period mainly because the left so little clues about there lives and if it wasn't for the Romans who give them a very unfair press the Irish anuls and the venerable Bede we would hardly anything about them. Some English bard called Shakespeare wrote a play about a king called McBeth who was the last Pictish king and he made him into a bad guy when in fact he was one of Scotland's best Kings who reigned for over 30 years and was the only Scottish king to visit Rome.

  Quickbeam 07:59 27 May 2015

Shakespear had a habit of altering history to suit his times.

  Quickbeam 08:02 27 May 2015

I don't think anyone's genes will disappear through dilution though. They reckon that we can all be traced back to an original small African tribe that left the continent a long time ago.

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