Does your broadband speed meet expectations?

  TopCat® 15:46 30 Jun 2007

According to this research click here a high percentage of UK users receive much less than expected. In my own situation, after upgrading to a 'up to 8MBps' package I find I get nowhere near this speed, even after BT twice checked out my line. I'm lucky if I can maintain less than half of it.

I have my suspicions that some providers are dragging their heels in installing their own equipment in exchanges. I have heard this invariably can provide a marked improvement in broadband speeds, even over the 'old copper wire' connections, so I'd be interested to hear if this is the case. My exchange still awaits an upgrade from Pipex but I'll probably have to wait until any buy-out is completed. TC.

  Cymro. 15:50 30 Jun 2007

BT advertise my package as "UP" to 8 meg. but my line is only capable of 6 meg. That is fast enough for my needs, but the problem is that it all too often falls even well below 6 meg.

  Totally-braindead 15:53 30 Jun 2007

One of the big things is how close you are to the exchange. Up to means exactly what it says - up to - if the line can't handle it you won't get it. BT line test says that I can probably get upto 4 meg, I usually get about 2 sometimes when its quiet I presume I have got 3 megs. I'm happy with that.
My exchange is at least a couple of miles away so I never expected to reach 8 megs speeds anyway.

  Cymro. 15:56 30 Jun 2007

Companies like BT always like to put a gloss on things. I suppose you could call it being economical with the truth.

  rodriguez 16:03 30 Jun 2007

Mine's not too bad - On Sky Broadband Connect which is up to 8 meg. Most of the time I get between 4 and 6 but it's usually about 5. Still fast enough for me anyway, I don't really notice the speed change unless I look on a speedtester site.

  interzone55 16:58 30 Jun 2007

I'm with Demon, when I had my connection upgraded to "8Mbps" I actually got around 3.5Mbps.

This is about what I expected, as I live a fair distance from the exchange, and it was a vast improvement over the 1Mbps I had up to that point.

My problem is that my speed is on a gradual decline, according to my router the current connection is 2496Mbps.

I think I may move away from Demon if i can find someone who can offer an unlimited service (without sneaky speed drops after you've download a certain amount) for £25 or less a month

  Totally-braindead 17:40 30 Jun 2007

I think this is similar to the use of the word unlimited when mentioned regards broadband.
What I mean is, if they didn't use the up to 8mb thing and instead called it as fast as we can you wouldn't be as dissatissfied. You see the up to 8mb and of course in your mind you think of and want 8, so if you get 2 or 5 or whatever, you are not happy as in the back of your mind you expected the 8. Few can get the 8mb anyway as you have to be near the exchange.
Same with the use of the wording unlimited broadband. There can't be true unlimited as theres only so much bandwidth available, Tiscalis marketing advertises unlimited* and unless you look at the asterisk you don't realise that the unlimited is subject to their fair useage policy. Not slagging Tiscali as theres others that do the same thing.
I think that all ISPs should stop using the wording unlimited if its not and should relabel the adverts away from the 8 meg thing to avoid dissappointing most of their customers.

  Joe R 17:45 30 Jun 2007


I've got to say that my broadband (Virgin) does meet my expectations, and has been almost trouble free for years now.

Got to say though that a recent spate of letters from Virgin, announcing changes and price increases, has got me ready to look for a new supplier.

  Si_L 17:48 30 Jun 2007

We haven't had any problems with Tiscali, except our 8mb only reaches 1.5! Although it works at a reasonable speed so I don't really give a donkey.

  Colin 18:20 30 Jun 2007

My "Up to 8 MEG" BT Broadband is usually between 5 & 6 meg, which I'm happy with.

  jimv7 18:25 30 Jun 2007

Very much so, with telewest/virginmedia, a little bit dearer, but I am on the 10mb download speed (unlimited) and get 9.5 to 10 on the right server, microsoft for instance.

Very pleased with it and would not go back to bt.

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