Does thermostat turn it self

  Izzzy 17:07 14 Jan 2017

thermostat clicks on DOES DIAL TURN ALSO BY ITS SELF Iv noticed thermostat dial has moved to number 10. BY ITS SELF

Would love to know answer. Thanks Regards Izzy

  Belatucadrus 17:15 14 Jan 2017

Which model Thermostat ? Some are very simple other more modern devices have a range of far more complex functions including remote control via Ap.

SO the answer can be yes and no, but if it's an old style manual dial control the answer should probably be no.

  Izzzy 17:31 14 Jan 2017

Hi thanks for reply. The make is Drayton. Combo stat it's in hall way it turns on when temperature drops now and again the boiler is Baxi platinum about 17 yrs old. It clicked this morning. When I got up later I noticed dial was in between 10 n 20 It was on 10 off when I last touched it Look forward to reply. Thanks.

  bumpkin 18:27 14 Jan 2017


I have never seen one. If the dial were to turn by itself then how would it know what it was set to. More likely that somebody has moved it accidently.

  bumpkin 18:30 14 Jan 2017

I have assumed that you mean a dial that you turn with your hand and not a digital display. If a digital display then it is showing the current temperature.

  BRYNIT 18:34 14 Jan 2017

If your thermostat is similar to CLICK HERE the dial does not turn on its own you have to manually adjust the temperature to what you want.

  Izzzy 19:03 14 Jan 2017

Hi. Only me in house and that's the thermostat I have Dayton comb stat I turn dial when I want central heating on ,normally it's left on 10 off. It clicked on last night ( must been cold) when I got up the dial had moved in between. 10 and 20.
Only me in house. Thank you so much for your time. I will see if it clicks on tonight and then check it Once again thanks. Izzy

  bumpkin 19:51 14 Jan 2017

That thermostat linked to by BRYNIT cannot turn on its own as it has no motor.

  Belatucadrus 19:56 14 Jan 2017

Assuming I've looked at the correct manual then it seems to have some mechanism behind the dial that allows you to lock it in place or control the range of temperatures you want to permit. I can't see any design feature that would allow the dial to move without user input.

One thought if you've been regularly using the thermostat as an on off switch maybe the dial has worn and now can't hold position appropriately.

  bumpkin 20:40 14 Jan 2017

Even if it could turn on its own, which I can assure you it can't, what would be the purpose of it.

  Izzzy 21:04 14 Jan 2017

Now. I'm really spooked as in the past the heating has come on by itself but I never bothered to check dial okay. Let me get my head around this one. I will definitely be waiting for it to turn on by itself again AND WILL CHECK DIAL TO SEE IF ITS MOVED �/p>

Thanks for all your help. Izzy

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