Does my misogyny put Phillip Green in the shade

  Quickbeam 19:20 28 Oct 2018

...or is the new female Doctor just rubbish?

I just gave up on it and defaulted to the History Channel! The shows now seems more like a soap opera with squabbling ordinary people squawking away in domestic arguments.

Never had any of that in the Tom Baker era...

  rickf 20:20 28 Oct 2018

Never did like her as an actress. I think it's a poor choice.

  martd7 20:38 28 Oct 2018

Same here,bad choice,seems like she's overacting and desperate to please,just doesn't work for me and I'm a big Dr Who fan,I had high expectations for this series,good first episode but after that the storylines have been poor

  john bunyan 20:42 28 Oct 2018

Haven’t watched it since black and white Dalek days. Won’t start now.

  Al94 20:49 28 Oct 2018

Tonight's was poor but been ok otherwise.

  HondaMan 20:50 28 Oct 2018

I had hoped the new doctor would bring new life to the series, but I have cancelled my "record series" flag and go elsewhere.

  Aitchbee 20:51 28 Oct 2018

To be honest, I used to be more interested in the Doctor's nubile, young female assistants ... but that's goin' back-a-bit timewise, cue harp music with fade, to another time & another universe. ho hum.

  wee eddie 20:54 28 Oct 2018

If you don't like her acting, that's not a problem.

If you don't like her because she's a woman. Now, that's misogyny.

  Belatucadrus 20:57 28 Oct 2018

Does my misogyny put Phillip Green in the shade

Short answer is no, from what's coming out from those unfortunate enough to have met the man, unless your name is Donald Trump you have no chance of registering on the same scale.

I'm not a huge fan of the new Dr Who but I don't think it's Jodie Whittakers fault, I blame the new producer. Good idea to be multicultural and educational but perlease could we have some subtlety. Having put across his right on message he then pounds it to death with a sledge hammer just in case we missed the point.

  Quickbeam 21:05 28 Oct 2018

Yeah, I think it's the production that's failed. When it sounded more like EastEnders than Dr Who, anything else was going to be better!

  Forum Editor 08:28 29 Oct 2018

Originally, the show was targeted at children - it was envisaged as part educational, part entertainment.

In my opinion, it's lost its way over the years, and now it doesn't seem to have a target audience. Therein lies the rub - it's often too scary for children and too juvenile for adults. Surely, most adults worthy of the name are going to laugh at sonic screwdrivers and a police call box that travels through time?

90% of the people who watch probably have no idea what a police call box was, anyway.

Jodie Whittaker is a good actress being let down by poor scripts and dreadful direction. I feel for her.

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