Does Dyson's latest venture suck?

  oresome 08:59 24 Oct 2018

Founder of the British company James Dyson – one of the highest-profile backers of Brexit – has repeatedly highlighted the potential benefits to UK companies of leaving the EU.

He is to start manufacturing electric cars in Singapore from 2021.


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  rickf 09:03 24 Oct 2018

It's not just Dyson. Brexiters who claimed to be patriotic but who would have their manufacturing base outside of the UK. He is not the only one. How hypocritical can you get? We need a peoples final vote.

  LastChip 10:06 24 Oct 2018

He's always manufactured outside the UK. BREXIT has nothing to do with it.

As I've said countless times, manufacturers will build their goods worldwide wherever it suits them.

One shouldn't try and blame BREXIT for every business decision that is made.

Quite why he's chosen one of the most expensive places on the planet, still remains a mystery to me. But I'm sure he has his reasons and it makes perfect sense to him.

  rickf 10:26 24 Oct 2018

He's always manufactured outside the UK. BREXIT has nothing to do with it.

Actually, I believe his vacuum cleaners were originally made here in the UK. Then it moved to Malaysia and now Indonesia. Then there are those who are diehard Brexiters but actually live in the EU. Duh??

  HondaMan 12:41 24 Oct 2018

We need a peoples final vote.

The people HAVE voted - to leave!

  Pine Man 13:11 24 Oct 2018

We need a peoples final vote.

....and keep on having a peoples vote until you get the result YOU want?

  oresome 13:36 24 Oct 2018

It's certainly a bold move, going from domestic appliance manufacture to car manufacture and developing the sales and support structure in every country that it will entail.

Dyson will be at a distinct disadvantage compared with established manufacturers in this respect and in branding and heritage and so will have to offer either a technology leap or a price differential to woo customers I'd have thought.

If the sales approach mirrors that of their domestic appliances, it will be premium pricing and convincing the customer of the technology leap. (They've just introduced a 'revolutionary' hair dryer costing around £500.)

  john bunyan 15:13 24 Oct 2018

Singapore is ideally placed as a bridge between China, who will supply many of the components, and markets between the Far East and the U.K. His design team is in U.K. . This seems a sensible business decision.

  Quickbeam 17:38 24 Oct 2018

I would have thought that the government could have made a good post Brexit offer to Dyson to bring the jobs to Britain. After all, they both tell us how Brexit will create jobs in new tech.

  bumpkin 20:45 24 Oct 2018

Dyson may be a great inventor and I have one of his expensive vacuum cleaners, nice bit of kit but so bloody complicated only a woman could use it.

  bumpkin 20:55 24 Oct 2018

Does Dyson's latest venture suck?

Well it fails to filter out bullshit.

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