Does being a member of UKIP make you a racist?

  hssutton 09:21 24 Nov 2012

Does being a member of UKIP make you a racist or support racist policies?

It would appear that certain people in my old home town would think so. Really pleased I left that area many years ago.

Telegraph Report

  Nontek 10:10 24 Nov 2012

Political (In)Correctness rearing its' ugly head again! Totally bonkers IMHO.

  johndrew 10:34 24 Nov 2012

Having watched two reports on TV, it would appear the Council is acting in a racist manner by stating the couple may only foster white children. Perhaps a case for the Council to consider whether Joyce Thacker (Director of Children and Young People's Services) is acting in a manner commensurate with the welfare of all children in her care.

As Nontek indicates above, politics have no place in the job being considered.

  carver 10:36 24 Nov 2012

People can belong to a political party without endorsing all of it's policy's but it appears that this council do not believe in any body having any political views but it's own.

And since when does the membership of a political party make you incapable of showing concern about another human being.

The thought police are here, god help us.

  morddwyd 10:39 24 Nov 2012

Anyone who expresses the slightest concern about the rate of immigration is automatically a racist.

Stands to reason.

  carver 10:46 24 Nov 2012

morddwyd I'm in total agreement with you and any body who disagrees is or must be racist and should be flogged with a Cat o' nine tails.

Or is that just abusing a cat with a surplus of tails.

  kad60 11:16 24 Nov 2012

The corruptions of power.!!

Wonder if she knows that "it takes one to know one".

  hssutton 13:33 24 Nov 2012

It would appear from the latest news that Rotherham Council are now poised for a U-Turn. After the universal criticism I would guess they have no option.

  bremner 14:20 24 Nov 2012

In the posting by Fourm Member the Council are defending their actions by blaming a judge for previously criticising them for not considering a childs cultural and ethnic needs.

This is what the Michael Gove for the government said in 2011

"Speaking ahead of an event at Coram’s Foundling Museum, Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove said:

Thousands of children are currently in the care system waiting to be adopted. Every day they wait is a day they’re denied the loving home all children deserve. But politically correct attitudes and ridiculous bureaucracy keep many of those children waiting far too long. Edicts which say children have to be adopted by families with the same ethnic background and which prevent other families adopting because they don’t fit left- wing prescriptions are denying children the love they need.

As a result children from ethnic minority backgrounds languish in care for longer than other kids and are denied the opportunities they deserve. This misguided nonsense punishes those who most need our help and that is why this government is sweeping it away"

Clearly something Rotherham have chosen to ignore

  bremner 15:11 24 Nov 2012

You (it) did not say when this judge made this comment, whether it was before or after the government guidance was published is of course important.

It also seems to be the case that the judge criticised the council for "not considering" the cultural and ethnic needs of the child. So long as they show they have "considered" then the judges comments would have been complied with.

  carver 15:42 24 Nov 2012

The mistake was placing the children with this couple in the first place

Why would it be a mistake, these are a couple who are prepared to give a home to children who need help, they haven't said any thing about not having children who aren't white or British, this is purely some politicly correct mad idea that they must be racist if they vote for UKIP.

Who ever thought this up needs sacking and if that person is more concerned about how some one votes rather than the child's needs then they shouldn't have any thing to do with children.

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