Does BBC give too much coverage to Glastionbury ?

  iscanut 15:32 01 Jul 2019

Does anyone think like me in that the BBC seem to be obsessed with Glastonbury. It dominates the online news section with numerous videos. Far too much in my opinion, but do they think the whole population is interested ?

  Belatucadrus 16:17 01 Jul 2019

We've recently had questions does the BBC show too much Ladies Footie now is there too much Glastonbury. Remember folks we've just started Wimbledon and are about to be exposed to saturation coverage on both main Beeb channels for two weeks. This will dwarf Glastonbury plus the football.

My question on this theme is does the BBC show too much Eastenders ? Surely one episode every two or three months on channel three would be sufficient ?

  WhirlingRound 16:31 01 Jul 2019

I think it shows far too much Eastenders. In my opinion, none would be far better.

  Old Deuteronomy 16:55 01 Jul 2019

I think what is important is that the BBC shows the events that the commercial channels don't bother with, so they would otherwise be ignored. It also means anyone with a TV can watch them without having to pay Sky, Virgin or one of the streaming services.

I would certainly support the removal of Eastenders, along with all the other soaps and so would my wife. No soaps in this bungalow!

  oresome 16:58 01 Jul 2019

If it does, I've not seen any of it, although I frequently get a message up asking me to retune as the BBC has a temporary channel dedicated to the event.

I've not retuned.

  morddwyd 10:42 06 Jul 2019

The BBC, like the Conservative party, having alienated their power base, the elderly,is desperately trying to reconnect with young people.

  Quickbeam 14:16 06 Jul 2019

"The BBC, like the Conservative party, having alienated their power base, the elderly,is desperately trying to reconnect with young people."

I think then that you need to let Boris know that he's got it all wrong morddwyd!.

  Quickbeam 14:25 06 Jul 2019

"Does BBC give too much coverage to Glastionbury ?"

Personally I think it's a refreshing change for one weekend in the year. As per the others, there is far to much cheap to produce soapy crap!

I don't watch football other than high profile national games but I just watch something else when it's not to my taste, compared to the '60s when there was only 2, then 3 channels to choose from, there are loads of viewing options. This afternoon there is loads of sport if that's what you want, loads of vintage drama show if that floats your boat, or loads of natural history or real history if that's your thing, or loads of classic B&W movies that I like, and that's all on Freeview.

Then you can watch catchup for what you've missed and not recorded... So what's the problem!

  morddwyd 19:08 06 Jul 2019

*. I think then that you need to let Boris know that he's got it all wrong morddwyd!. *

In what respect?

I don't have the ability, or the time (or the inclination!), to read all of his output.

I also doubt that he's in need of anybody to tell him he's got it wrong.

  Menzie 21:18 06 Jul 2019

Certain channels have changed beyond recognition over the years. TLC (The Learning Channel) has now become reality shows and that is it.

It started with what I considered to be educational documentaries but that doesn't pay the bills any more.

Discovery is still around and does play documentaries but they also play sitcoms on there now (at least this side of the pond).

All the channels that played music videos previously now play a handful of movies and returns of old sitcoms.

  wee eddie 09:30 07 Jul 2019

If anyone is under the impression that Glastonbury is just for the young, needs to think again.

I think that a breakdown of the audience, by age, would suprise them

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