Does anyone remember this?

  Forum Editor 01:37 30 Dec 2016

Britain's first drive-thru MacDonalds restaurant opened 30 years ago - does anyone remember visiting it, back then?

I have been known to enjoy a MacDonalds breakfast if I'm on the road, but apart from that, I'm not a burger lover. I do remember going to look at the first MacDonalds in Moscow, back in 1990 (just before it was temporarily closed for food hygiene issues) and that was quite an experience - queues for hundreds of yards.

  geoff96 02:21 30 Dec 2016

Britain's first drive-thru MacDonalds restaurant opened 30 years ago - does anyone remember visiting it, back then?

No. Probably the first drive through I took my children through would be the 90's but did you know the queen owns a branch of McDonald's?

One will have it large, thankyou

  Al94 08:39 30 Dec 2016

MacDonald's - no thank you ingredients

  Forum Editor 08:47 30 Dec 2016

When I first visited the MacDonalds on the edge of Tiananmen Square in Beijing, it was the 50th anniversary of the Peoples' republic and huge numbers of people from all over China were in the city for the celebrations.

It felt like most of them were in MacDonalds, and as I queued to be served I felt a hush start to descend. I turned around and saw a sea of faces, all staring at me. Some people started taking photos. It made me a little uncomfortable, but when I got to the counter, the girl serving me smiled and said - in perfect English - 'don't worry, lots of these people have never seen a British tourist close up, and they are just interested in how you look'.

I ate my burger fairly quickly (you were not allowed to take food out) and went to the toilet - to discover that both sexes used the same facility - men at the wall in time-honoured fashion, and women wandering past into cubicles. It was all quite an experience; thank you, MacDonalds.

  morddwyd 09:29 30 Dec 2016

Never use McDonalds so I don't, but nobody believes me when I say I used a drive through bank in Aylesbury in about '77!

  Forum Editor 09:52 30 Dec 2016


I believe you, but as a matter of interest, which bank was it?

Barclays is said to have opened a drive-through cash machine at Hatton Cross over ten years ago, but it didn't last the 6-month trial period. Metro bank is now opening a chain of drive-through banks in the UK - Slough got the first one two years ago, and one opened in West London last October.

  morddwyd 11:03 30 Dec 2016

Goo Grief, FE, the late 70s were nearly 40 years ago.

I can't remember what bank I visited on Wednesday!

I think it might have been Barclays, but that might be auto-suggestion.

  Old Deuteronomy 11:18 30 Dec 2016

I can't remember Wednesday!

Never go to McDonalds, especially since working in a supplying abattoir. Have driven past a drive-through.

  oresome 11:48 30 Dec 2016

It's one of the pleasures of the family growing up.

Never having to visit a McDonalds again.

Perish the thought we ever get grandkids.

  Pablo de Catio 11:49 30 Dec 2016

April 18th 1962?

enter link description here

  Forum Editor 11:58 30 Dec 2016

Old Deuteronomy

The food Standards agency has published statistics which show that of over 1100 Madconald restaurant inspections, only 2 failed to meet or exceed food hygiene standards.

As far as ingredients go, the pork comes only from British, Freedom Food approved farms, which are required to meet the RSPCA’s very strict animal welfare standards.

The beef is classified as 'whole cuts from forequarter and flank' and comes only from British and Irish farms that are members of Farm assurance schemes.

What goes on in abbatoirs is not directly under MacDonalds supervsion, but is regulated by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) on behalf of the Food Standards Authority. Conditions in slaughterhouses apply equally to supplies to any other large retail chains.

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