Does anyone recognise this contraption?

  WhiteTruckMan 13:44 24 Jan 2009

I was having a look through some old folders just now and I came across this pic that I had saved from somewhere.

click here

I have no recollection of saving it, and have no idea what it is beyond the obvious that it was designed to float and its now semi derelict, but I probably saved it because it's such an odd looking thing.

Ideas anyone?


  bjh 14:17 24 Jan 2009

I'd say it was an Ekranoplan, but which one, I couldn't say.... any suggestions anyone?

  Blackhat 14:21 24 Jan 2009
  Bingalau 14:24 24 Jan 2009

Blimey, I thought it was a toy robot when I first glanced at it. Hunkering down ready to spring at you.

  Blackhat 14:25 24 Jan 2009
  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:28 24 Jan 2009
  WhiteTruckMan 14:35 24 Jan 2009

thanks everyone. I think what threw me was it looking a little like a B29 nose on.


  johndrew 14:58 24 Jan 2009

Did you take the original picture you posted? Blackhat`s second post link looks identical.

  WhiteTruckMan 16:08 24 Jan 2009

I merely saved it from somewhere, and I have no memory of where I saved it from.

A curiosity, is all.


  Computerdope 17:38 24 Jan 2009

click here

james may gets to fly one, about 3 mins into the programe.

  @[email protected]!c 20:28 24 Jan 2009

that is a photo of science fiction,,,, me thinks lol.. an adaptation of above posted links kind regards akanic

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