Does anyone play board games anymore

  VNAM75 22:51 30 Aug 2005

"In an age when electronic games consoles dominate so many people’s leisure time, Farscape’s aim is to offer the ultimate, reliable source for the kind of games that encourage friends to meet up, and families to pass fun-filled Sunday afternoons together".

click here

I used to love this game.

  Jackcoms 23:14 30 Aug 2005

"Does anyone play board games anymore"

Yes, I do.

"In an age when electronic games consoles dominate so many people’s leisure time".

Amazing, how many sad people there are out there, isn't it?

  Forum Editor 00:14 31 Aug 2005

Surely you're not trying to argue that playing electronic games is any more (or less) sad than playing conventional board games?

If you are, perhaps you'll explain why you think electronic games players are sad, as opposed to people who play board games?

  Jackcoms 08:25 31 Aug 2005

I didn't say that board games "dominate" my leisure time (in fact, I have a wide range of interests both inside and outside the house).

However, the article which VNAM75 linked us to DID use the words "dominate" and "leisure time" in conjunction (see the 'About' page on the Farscape website).

If this is the case it seems to me that, in the modern vernacular, some people need to "get a life".

  Simsy 09:39 31 Aug 2005

of electonic versions, is that you don't need a human opponent...

My wife taught me, some years ago, how to play backgammon, and we occassionally spend an hour battling it out. I do shift work however and often play it on the computer 'coz ther's no-one else about.



  Pooke 15:03 31 Aug 2005

I got bored playing internet checkers, players kept disconnecting when I was beating them ;) so bought a conventional board. Play against the missus now and again. Part from that no.....

  118-118 Got Your Number 16:42 31 Aug 2005

5 Card Poker - anytime. Can create a real stink when playing family/friends. Even with match sticks as playing chips.

  Ancient Learner 17:55 31 Aug 2005

We both play card games, board games and PC games. The grandchildren all love playing board games and card games and they have v. quickly become numerate doing it. We have piles of them here and the kids seek them out and want to play. A game of complex Rummy or 7s is a wonderful way to spend an evening with them, and its keeps them from the Playstation and TV and makes their brains work a bit as well adding some personal skills.

We're out tonight playing Bridge.

As for games being sad in any way, I couldn't agree less.

  shizzy 21:15 31 Aug 2005

Love proper scrabble but MahJongg on our PCs has got us both addicted. Better than tele any day.

  Forum Editor 10:09 01 Sep 2005

Don't let my wife know that you play bridge - she'll be on the phone asking you to make up a four.

  spuds 10:14 01 Sep 2005

It's great to have a few games available on the computer. Tends to help the boredom peak reduce far quicker.

Would point out though, that some of the kids games have got me completely baffled :O)

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