Does anyone live or work in Islington

  Forum Editor 23:37 15 May 2005

in North London, and if so, have you heard anything about a rumour that shops, restaurants and cafes in Upper Street are organising a wireless network for the whole street?

I would be very interested to learn more about this - if it's true.

  dan11 00:11 16 May 2005

Not much, bit it maybe;

click here BT Openzone wireless internet in public areas . click here

  georgemac © 08:13 16 May 2005

I know neighbours could share a wireless connection but a whole street - what sort of equipment would you need?

Surely also with most ISP's now setting limits on "unlimited" accounts through fair usage policy, surely this would be nearly impossible to manage, your street would just need a couple of heavy downloaders and all would be in trouble.

One of the local broadband campaigners here was seriously looking at starting up a local broadband service, where the locals would club together and rent the connections from BT wholesale - nothing ever came of it.

  TOPCAT® 17:53 16 May 2005
  Forum Editor 18:52 16 May 2005

many thanks for that. I was in Islington today, and actually used the network. It's quite something - well done Islington Council.

  Kate B 22:07 16 May 2005

This is going back a few years but there was a community internet project sponsored by BT in Canonbury - a friend of mine was involved in it. It's before the days of wireless and broadband and was essentially a local bulletin board but it got some coverage in the press. My memory is a bit dim but I can ask my friend if you want to know more. Knowing press offices I doubt there's anyone old enough in the BT press office to remember back to the late 1990s!

  Forum Editor 23:48 17 May 2005

but not to worry - I'm getting plenty of information direct from Islington Council now.

Go back to your packing, and have a great trip. I think I might be exiting HR just ahead of you.

  Kate B 00:06 18 May 2005

Where are you going? We're leaving for Singapore from T4 on Saturday night ... see you in the bar if you're there!

  Forum Editor 21:20 18 May 2005

Just to Roma, and only for a couple of days. Leaving T4 a little ahead of you - during the early afternoon.

  Kate B 21:31 18 May 2005

Enjoy - and take heart from the fact that we're stuck in economy for 12 hours rather than your two, and that we'll be much more jetlagged than you will be.

  Forum Editor 23:07 18 May 2005

and can't sleep on the Singapore flight, ask the attendant to let you know when the aircraft is over the Himalayas. It's a treat that I look forward to each time I go - dawn over the snow-capped mountains. It's one of those sights of a lifetime.

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