Does anyone here use UBER for cabs

  bumpkin 20:44 14 Mar 2017

I am told by a friend that it is good but not really sure how it works. Do they use local cabs, are they reliable, reasonably priced etc. Anyone tried them or have any comments. I have used a local cab firm for years but am recently getting fed up with different drivers charging different amounts for the same journey or not understanding my requirements or even English properly.

  Aitchbee 21:51 14 Mar 2017

I have had very bad reports re UBER from my younger brother who is a London black-cab taxi driver who's done the knowledge. Order a Uber Taxi with extreme caution [hirer beware] 'n' have a swatch at their T & C's if you have got any doubts.

  wee eddie 22:06 14 Mar 2017

As a Hackney Driver, I always cross myself after mentioning Uber.

However, if you do use them, you should know the price (Fare) of your journey when you make your booking. As far as I know, when you sign up with Uber, you give them your Card Number and they deduct the Fare from your Card, you do not the Driver except, perhaps a tip, as Uber pay your Fare, less their commission, into the Driver's Bank Account. Uber drivers come from the same social group as Private Hire Drivers

  wee eddie 22:10 14 Mar 2017

Please insert the word "Pay" into line 3. "you do not --- the Driver"

I am not a Uber user, for obvious reasons, so this may all be a load of cobblers

  Al94 23:03 14 Mar 2017

My son and I use Uber regularly - very efficient and good value. Never had any problems. Not sure how the drivers make it pay!

  Forum Editor 09:14 15 Mar 2017

"Order a Uber Taxi with extreme caution"

I use Uber cabs regularly, as do many colleagues, and members of my family. Nothing is perfect, but Uber cabs are reliable and efficient. I get a fare estimate in advance of booking a cab, and the money is taken from my bank account automatically at the end of the trip.

I can see the nearest cab on my Uber phone app, together with the driver's name and his/her photo. I can contact the driver while he is on the way, to arrange an exact pickup location. All drivers in my vicinity are shown on the phone app, and I can choose any of them.

After the trip, I can rate the driver via the phone app, and he/she can rate me as a passenger. Neither of us see the trip ratings, but we have an accumulated average rating that is visible to us both in advance.

It's a brilliant system, and it does exctly what it says on the tin.

  bumpkin 10:34 15 Mar 2017

Mixed views then. I would imagine that a lot depends on where you happen to be regarding availability.

  Forum Editor 10:54 15 Mar 2017

"I would imagine that a lot depends on where you happen to be regarding availability."

Yes, in London I never seem to be more than a few minutes from an Uber cab.

  Pine Man 11:05 15 Mar 2017

Uber drivers come from the same social group as Private Hire Drivers

The same 'social group'. Really? What do you base that on?

  wee eddie 11:08 15 Mar 2017

As to the ability of Uber Drivers to make a living.

Uber's Business Model works, only if a Driver gets frequent Hires as the Profit Margins are low. In a Metropolitan Area, there are plenty of Hotspots which generate high sales and Drivers tend to congregate in these areas, so earnings are reasonable and response time are fast.

In areas that are quieter, The Suburbs and Country Towns, Uber Drivers may not generate sufficient Sales to make an acceptable wage. However, as most of the Drivers are otherwise unemployed, this may be acceptable, in the short term.

In our area, a fully equipped, UBER ready, Vauxhall Astra is being offered for lease at £200 + VAT per week. There must be an element of doubt as to the viability of this package as the shortest term was 6 weeks, last time I looked

Be aware: There are cases coming to Court, in the UK, which may alter the non-Metropolitan Business Plan for Uber.

  morddwyd 19:47 15 Mar 2017

My son is a hackney driver. He is also a Uber driver. It's just another source of fares.

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