Does anyone have medicines delivered.

  bumpkin 16:41 02 Oct 2015

In my area we have a system where repeat prescriptions are sent automatically to the chemist via computer and they then deliver them. Good system as it saves me having to go to the doctors where parking is difficult and then to the chemists which is even worse.

It also means that we have a regular supply and a bit of leeway in that we normally have about 2 weeks supply on hand. Quite a lot of stuff as it is needed for 3 people.

So yesterday they delivered everything apart from the one my daughter which she has run out of (sods law)

When I asked why they said that they would not deliver a controlled drug (but they had in the past) and I would have to collect it. OK I can do that but when I went there they said that they do not have the prescription and they phoned the doctors who would not send it on line. So I had to go to the doctors and physically get the bit of paper and take to the chemist.

No big deal it was sorted after about an hour of buggering about, what surprises me is that at no point did anyone ask me who I was, just read out my address and asked if correct. What sort of control is that?

  wee eddie 16:59 02 Oct 2015

Are you sure that they didn't know you by sight?

  john bunyan 17:49 02 Oct 2015

We have drugs delivered by our chemist, including a controlled drug (Fentanyl patches) that my wife has for severe pain.

In our case t we do take the repeat prescription to the doctors surgery , w and the chemist collects it from them and delivers to us.

In this way we do not always need everything so can ask only for what is needed. No problem with delivering controlled drug but I see why a Doctor has to authorise it.

  bumpkin 17:59 02 Oct 2015

Wee eddie, Are you sure that they didn't know you by sight?

Not sure how you mean that, not met any of the people concerened before, new receptionist in the doctors and different person in the chemist. Unless you mean they took one look and branded me a junkie:-))

  BT 18:02 02 Oct 2015

I don't have mine delivered although the pharmacy does offer the service. I do however order my repeats online on the surgery's website and they send it over to the Pharmacy to be collected 2 days later.

  bumpkin 18:21 02 Oct 2015

JB, they have delivered it twice in the past without question, my daughter whom it is for has to see or speak to the doctor before a repeat will be issued. That I can understand but why it can no longer be delivered baffles me.

  bumpkin 18:29 02 Oct 2015

Phoned the chemist to see what what the problem was, a blunt reply "we are not permitted to deliver Class A controlled drugs"

  Pine Man 18:59 02 Oct 2015

I don't have my prescription delivered BUT a while ago I ordered a repeat prescription from my doctors as usual BUT before I could collect it I got home one day to find that a local chemist had somehow got hold of that prescription, made it up and tried to deliver it to my home.

It was a large bag containing several packs of drugs that were to big to put through the letter box so the deliverer opened the bag and several of the boxes and posted the individual contents through the letter box into an ideal environment for pets and grandchildren to eat them!

  john bunyan 19:30 02 Oct 2015


"we are not permitted to deliver Class A controlled drugs"

I would query that with the Chemists Boss, or Head office if a chain.

Ours delivers them quite happily - needs a signature at the door.

  bumpkin 19:39 02 Oct 2015

Pine Man, very stupid delivery driver in your case. Mine would not leave anything unless signed for and another signature (mine) required if controlled,

Posting unknown drugs through a letterbox with no knowledge of who or what can access them is extremely irresponsible.

  bumpkin 19:48 02 Oct 2015

I fail to understand the logic here, they have delivered all of it in the past but now deliver it all apart from one item (the most needed) then quote rules and regulations, have these changed then in the last month?

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