Does Anyone Else Keep Old PC Parts

  Input Overload 10:08 25 Dec 2009

I have a cupboard & a couple of large draws I keep my PC bits in. Old fans, heat-sinks etc. I have things like 2 PCI Parallel port cards for the old printers. Two 66Mhz AMD CPU's, heaps of RAM some only 8 Meg & other such ancient junk. I hang on to them thinking they will come in sometime but think it's unlikely!

  Hercule Marple 10:22 25 Dec 2009

I did until a few weeks ago. I had two spare PSUs, old mice, loads of cables, a 56k modem, and other PC junk cluttering up the bottom of my wardrobe. I slung most of it out. I didn't even know what some of the cables were for.

I've kept my old GPU (6800GT) as a back-up, my old hard drive, and put all manuals and discs in one location, but that's about all the spares I've kept.

My old Amiga went to the tip quite recently, too. I was never going to use it again, and I can't be bothered with relics any more.

  Input Overload 10:37 25 Dec 2009

I think I will have a clear out. I was looking at some old mags the other day that I did junk most of them but a very early PCA was interesting. The price of PC's & bits was unbelievable, a 15" goldfish bowl monitor for £250, RAM at pushing well over a £100 for 8 meg, and more of the same. (I kept that mag)

  Amyfa 10:46 25 Dec 2009

If it's not been used in a year you may as well get rid as it wont be used and most likely wont fit anyway, and its just taking up space where you can put all the other bits you don't want to get rid of for the next year.

  johndrew 11:07 25 Dec 2009

One day someone will be reproducing an ancient PC (as they did at Bletchley Park recently) and your collection will prove invaluable. Snag is that there is no way of telling exactly when that will be. A bit like collecting `antiques` for the future really.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:11 25 Dec 2009

Yes I do and I've just used some old memory to add to an old PC at work so I could install and run XP.

Just rescued a floppy drive and graphics card (why I don't know might be useful sometime) out of an old PC chucked in the skip at work.

  Input Overload 11:13 25 Dec 2009

I think half the reason is that this junk cost me an arm & a leg to buy in the first place even if it is worthless now. I did use a 1 GIG hard drive as a door stop for a while.

  Legolas 11:29 25 Dec 2009

Ah thanks for reminding me (said with sarcasm) I was trying to forget about the mountain of mostly useless stuff I have gathered over the years and is now gathering dust in various places throughout the house, I suppose I had better to a cleanout for the New Year, after all I don't think I will ever use it...well I suppose it is unlikely that I will use it...well, ahh well I might need some of it...after all you never know...maybe just hang on to it for a bit yet....

  crosstrainer 11:41 25 Dec 2009

Similar....Trouble is, the stuff accumulates faster than I can bear to part with it!!!

  Condom 11:46 25 Dec 2009

I too have drawers full of bits and pieces and a few systems up in the loft. This is deapite getting nearly £300 from eBay in the past few weeks for some other old PC parts. I'm forever helping out neighbours with little extras for their PC's. I also have hundreds of programs from the past which I keep for....well who knows.

Merry Xmas Everyone

  karmgord 12:17 25 Dec 2009

I'm TERRIBLE I've even got some old ISA cards and a 5.25" floppy drive, "just in case"
I know it's sad.

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