Does anyone else hate the summer

  arris 19:54 10 Jun 2007
Locked much as I do?

  Guardianangel 19:58 10 Jun 2007

Only when my hayfever is now!

  robgf 20:08 10 Jun 2007

I'm not very keen on the heat, I much prefer winter temperatures.
But on the plus side, I love to see the plants growing and the birds and animals rushing about.

  arris 20:15 10 Jun 2007

The hayfever, the humidity, the constant thud, thud, thud of the neighbours playing their "I wanna be black" type music. The insects, the sunburn.. I hate everything about it.

  ulrich 20:25 10 Jun 2007

Hate this summer at 59+ I have got myself a nice 20yr old 140mph motorcycle and what happens it rains and is cold. When I see hayfever sufferies are going to suffer, I won't I can enjoy myself blowing very many airconditioned cars in to the dust.

  Bapou 20:25 10 Jun 2007

What summer? Here on the North East coast we have not seen much of it yet.

  laurie53 20:36 10 Jun 2007

Summer? At the beginning of the week I still had daffodils in bloom in my garden!

The worst thing about summer is that if you go into the garden you find that one third of the local population has decided to share its musical tastes with the other two thirds!

  WhiteTruckMan 20:53 10 Jun 2007

when the rain gets warmer.


  TalYasis 20:54 10 Jun 2007

For hayfever get yourself some of nature's local honey.

Caution,be prepared that when some fight like with like they will be called terrorists!

But that's human nature for you.

  mammak 21:20 10 Jun 2007

I don't hate summer but have never been one for sitting about sunbathing! I prefer when there is a bit of a breeze and you can get out and about with the children/grandchildren and spend a pleasant day walking and take in the beautiful countryside or the likes and it don't cost a penny

and no load music blaring from cars either :-)

  [email protected] 21:34 10 Jun 2007

i have had hay fever all my life and you kinda get used to it after a week, i do anyway.
I hate summer because it's getting too hot, i hate spiders, flys and other creepy crawleys. i like to come in from the snow to a roaring fire with a sheepskin rug and have a nice glass of dr pepper, thats another reason i hate summer beer gardens, i miss em!
so till august i shall moan and everyone will say im being english and shall moan again in the winter, but i wont i love it!
my bedrooms built into a roof and when i first moved here it got to over 100 in july (at night!) i have since put air con in, and i have two settings, slightly hotter than the sun or colder than siberia. so have to get up every hour to turn off/ on!
come back winter!!

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