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Does anyone actually take time..

  BT 09:11 09 Feb 2019

.. to watch the pop up Videos that have re-appeared on this site.

They now obscure the bottom right hand corner and the page scrolls behind it until you close it, but re-appears as soon as you change pages. I can't think it has any benefit as it is so annoying that (in my case) it gets shut down everytime it appears

  martd7 13:24 17 Feb 2019

I think this intrusive ad problem has been around a long time on here and there's been plenty of forum posting about it,but as we all know no ads no Forum

  alanrwood 17:39 17 Feb 2019

Yes but not as intrusive as it has become. As I said earlier I understand the point about no adverts no forum but there comes a point where it is so intrusive that it becomes counter productive and drives people either to use ad blockers or leave the forum. This forum has now got to that point and I have no feelings of guilt to block the lot. If the forum goes then so be it but it will not be my fault that it became intolerable.

I'm also sick of the maths tests.421

  martd7 19:16 17 Feb 2019

Maths tests?

  FastTiger 14:29 18 Feb 2019

This is my first time back on this site in a while, and I am struggling to do anything due to the sheer amount of adverts.

  alanrwood 17:55 18 Feb 2019


Disable javascript and try posting a reply. In the box below currently I am asked to answer "What is 1064 + 316"

Even if you answer it still does not let you post your response so you have to enable javascript again temporarily.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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