Does anyone actually take time..

  BT 09:11 09 Feb 2019

.. to watch the pop up Videos that have re-appeared on this site.

They now obscure the bottom right hand corner and the page scrolls behind it until you close it, but re-appears as soon as you change pages. I can't think it has any benefit as it is so annoying that (in my case) it gets shut down everytime it appears

  Aitchbee 20:45 11 Feb 2019

Does anyone actually take time to watch the pop up Videos that have re-appeared on this site.

I doubt it. Even if you are quick to click on the x close gadget in top-right-hand corner, approximately 20mb of your broadband usage is frittered away anyhow ... that's about 1Gb every 2 to 3 hours.

[networx confirms the above statement]

  Quickbeam 12:51 12 Feb 2019

"...that's about 1Gb every 2 to 3 hours."

Looking at it that way, that's quite an unethical use of someones data allowance if they're not on an unlimited data contract!

If you were doing telesales and charging the customer for the phone time you take with them, OffCom would be straight onto it...

  alanrwood 12:09 16 Feb 2019

Sorry about my duplicated post yesterday. I must have missed this thread.

Yes I am totally fed up of this excessive forced advertising of the worst kind. As I said I do understand that some sites need advertising to survive but this is totally intrusive and spoils the impact of the site by continually distracting the eyes which is its main purpose I suppose. I would not mind if it showed a couple and ten stopped but it restarts every single click. It is even worse than the Flashing pop up at the bottom of the posts. I am absolutely amazed that a site associated with computer magazines which have decried this type of intrusion has now joined the bad guys. I have uBlock Origin installed in Opera browser but it is ineffective.

The point made by Aitchbee and Quickbeam above are very valid and as I spend most of the summer at my caravan I will not be wasting my precious expensive mobile data by coming into this site any more.

  bremner 12:10 16 Feb 2019

Interesting article on the BBC yesterday re Ads and Adblockers

BBC Article

  wee eddie 14:40 16 Feb 2019

The Young Turks in Advertising Agencies will try to use whatever they feel that they can get away with. They test them in their own Systems, with many GB/s Download Speeds and think nothing of those of us who are stuck with less than 2MB/s.

We are too small a sector of the market to be worrying about

  martd7 15:33 16 Feb 2019

Honestly don't have much trouble with ads after taking RDave 13s advice,using Chrome with Ublock origin,there's 3fixed ads down the right hand side but they're not moving just static,the only other one I see is the Apester advert but it doesn't interfere with the main content

  alanrwood 15:54 16 Feb 2019

Took the tip from archie and disabled Javascript in Ublock Origin and it seems to have sorted out the problem as it has completely gone now.

  MPN1A 18:37 16 Feb 2019

Disabling Javascript in Ublock Origin has cracked it. It also got rid of the Tech Advisor advert which occupied the middle third of my screen when I changed pages. Was anyone else getting that advert?

  alanrwood 12:58 17 Feb 2019

Yes I was getting that too but I could put up with that as it only happened occasionally. Ublock appears to now block that too.

  alanrwood 12:59 17 Feb 2019

Yes I was getting that too but I could put up with that as it only happened occasionally. Ublock appears to now block that too.

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