Does anybody understand my sense of humour

  bumpkin 21:07 25 Dec 2016

Lovely dinner cooked by my daughter after which she asked me what the time was, no mobile phones allowed on my table xmas day. No clock in our dining room so I looked at one in another room, it displays digital but also a clock face with no numbers on it but 3 big fat hands. I shouted back 1955 or 528, then I realized I had misread it and said that was wrong, I looked at the second instead of the second hand, it is actually a quarter past 20.

  Pine Man 13:46 27 Dec 2016

Maybe he did scratch his head and his arm got in the way.

  bumpkin 14:12 27 Dec 2016

It was quarter past eight in old money.

  lotvic 20:20 27 Dec 2016

bumpkin, as I told you in my post on page 1 - that clock is a year slow, it is presently 2016.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:16 28 Dec 2016

Perhaps you need one of these?

  bumpkin 11:00 28 Dec 2016

OK for a rough guide I suppose but no nanosecond hand.

  amonra 14:32 29 Dec 2016

In response to a question "Who built the Clifton Suspension Bridge" in the family quiz time after the xmas meal, I replied "One Kilo Bit" ???? (The initials of Isambard Kingdom Brunel) . Nobody could see it.

  Pine Man 14:36 29 Dec 2016

Maybe they were slightly cleverer than you and knew that he didn't actually build it so the initials were irrelevant;-)

  bumpkin 14:38 29 Dec 2016

* Nobody could see it.*

Hardly surprising is it Grasshopper.

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