Does Anybody Remember Where

  Crosstrainer2 12:34 01 Oct 2011

The review of the Apple TV (last mont or the one before) from the magazine is archived? I've got people with a tonne of negativity across on the dark side, and I'm trying to find it for link purposes)

I read it and then when mag was finished I re-cycled..DOH

  Crosstrainer2 13:37 01 Oct 2011

It certainly is....Thanks forum member!

  Woolwell 13:40 01 Oct 2011

That one was 2007. The latest I can find is 2010 second gen apple tv

  Woolwell 17:15 01 Oct 2011

fourm member - the problem is that the last comment (and the only one since 2007) was on 26 Sep 2011. The search brings up the last comment not the date that the original article was published. I think that this is a weakness of the site's search. I tend to use Google to find items using pc advisor plus the search term.

  wiz-king 17:40 01 Oct 2011

But surely 26th September 2011 was last month. Abet by only a few hours.

  Woolwell 18:25 01 Oct 2011

wiz-king - the point is that the search was for an article published just a month ago but it turned up one from 2007 but it had had a comment of Sep 2011 and showed as if it had been published just last month.

  Crosstrainer2 19:20 01 Oct 2011

Ahh, but we live in a time warp. Subscribers get the magazine a guzillion months in advance...Damn, I have got to stay away from the Dark / Good side?

I'm confused so don't worry if this post confuses you......Cold shower might work.

Dealing with American teenagers all day is not easy.....Anybody want a job:))?

  Aitchbee 21:51 09 Oct 2011

American teenagers are the pits! Give me teenagers who are now in their fifties...much easier to handle.

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