Does any one suspect their mail..

  TonyV 15:19 14 Jun 2011
Locked not being delivered? I get the distinct impression that the post here is delivered if the Postman/lady deems it necessary so to deliver! There are several days when no mail at all is delivered and then a batch is delivered. I was expecting some mail today that was posted in Bath on Saturday to be delivered here, some fifty miles away, bearing in mind it was sent "First Class",(which is a bit of a misnomer!", 'cos there is nothing first class about it.) So far it has not been delivered. Equally so, another missive should have been delivered today from 40 miles away in the opposite direction, that also has not been delivered.

I merely ask the question here, to see what the general feeling is, but have no intention of writing to the PO because as others on this Forum have said it is a waste of time.

I find it amazing that with all the sophistication that is now employed in the sorting and delivery of mail, that such a bitches breakfast can be made of it. It seems that when they changed from two deliveries a day to one a day way back when, the system fell in to disrepair.

There is certainly no way that one can rely on the system that is nowhere near as good as it used to be. I suppose that is progress!!

Bleat over!


  Yimbo 16:19 14 Jun 2011

"Several days when no mail is delivered" Lucky you!!

  I am Spartacus 16:38 14 Jun 2011

I've been having that feeling for over a year but it got worse during the snow and has never recovered. In the last 14 months 5 items of post have gone missing, 4 of them were low value small packages and one would have been a largish package (the replacement was). I often buy items from the same suppliers and pay for 1st class post only for it to arrive any time up to 5 days after and this now happens on a regular basis.

We often get post delivered for the same house number but the next street (with a totally different name) and occasionally have items for a similar sounding street but with a different postcode 10 miles away.

  TonyV 17:04 14 Jun 2011


I think the point is that the people who have posted mail expect it to be delivered in a reasonable space of time. I certainly have no no feelings regarding when the PO will be delivering something now, I just hope that it will eventually get delivered.

I am pleased it is not just me thinking there is a problem! I have to say I have heard some frightening things where, money/cheques have been sent and that on receipt the enclosure has been missing! OK, I acknowledge that money is supposed not to be sent, but it does and measures should be taken to safeguard it. After all, what happens if parcels go missing with something moderately valuable in them? Who takes responsibility for that, the sender or the deliverer? It will almost certainly not be the deliverer.


  natdoor 20:30 14 Jun 2011

In our area the PO have been using a different method for delivery. I am not sure of all the details but it consisted of postmen setting out with a wheeled trolley and having to complete psrt of their delivery by a prescribed time. They were scheduled to meet a van which would offload more post to be delivered to the rest of the round. If they did not arrive at the drop-off point on time, the van left and the mail was returned to the sorting office to be delivered the next day. There ewould be days when we got no post, which scarcely ever happened previously.

The postmen are now back on their bikes and we seem to be back to the old system. So if you are looking for a cheap trolley, you know here to go.

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