The dodgy trade deal in progress with USA

  sunnystaines 09:31 11 Sep 2014

1] from various news programmes it will replace several services in NHS so a fair percentage of funds will be diverted from health care to profits.

2] another problem several food products regs will be scrapped to allow bad food products to be sold in GB including GMO foods, and dairy products with growth hormones currently banned over here.

3] also more food products full of bad corn syrup, fructose anfd uinvert sugars

why are full details being hushed up and why on earth is our Govt agreeing to such a bad deal.

  sunnystaines 10:48 11 Sep 2014

should read "and invert sugars"

  rickf 10:53 11 Sep 2014

Because it is this government! Tory idealogy. Sell everything to the private sector.

  Forum Editor 11:44 11 Sep 2014


"Because it is this government! Tory idealogy. Sell everything to the private sector."

Actually this is an EU matter. It's about Free Trade, and you're either for it or against it. A Free Trade Agreement (FTA) gives what are called transnational companies the freedom to trade across borders and compete with any business that trades in a specific market. People who are frightened by FTAs are often those who don't understand the way they work. They scaremonger, and because FTAs are not something the average person knows (or cares) about the scaremongering often works.

I doubt that the NHS is suddenly going to open the doors to a flood of dodgy medical products because NICE is there to offer advice and guidance.

  lotvic 17:13 11 Sep 2014

Yeah, give us a link, I can't find anything relevant.

  sunnystaines 19:45 11 Sep 2014
  Forum Editor 19:50 11 Sep 2014

Ah! I see that Jamie Oliver is now an expert on what American companies plan to do.

Could his sudden campaigning interest have anything to do with this, I wonder?

"Profits from Jamie Oliver's cookbooks have started drying up, according to new business records. Jamie Oliver Holdings Limited, the company which incudes his publishing and TV interests, recorded a £3.6million drop in profits this year - a fall of 37 per cent"

  sunnystaines 08:59 12 Sep 2014

dont like Jamie Oliver he just happened to be part of the news report but highlights the problem.

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