Doctor Who

  laurie53 21:59 04 Jul 2008

Speaking as one who was around when William Hartnell first peered out from a 12" b&w "porthole", and indeed when Charles Chilton shut the nation down on a Tuesday (?) night, am I alone in finding the current hype a bit excessive?

One can hardly open a magazine or newspaper, or even watch a news or current affairs programme, without some reference to his battle with the Daleks, who have always had a bad press anyway.

  rdave13 22:05 04 Jul 2008

Mr Hartnell is/was the only true doctor. Hype?Difficult to tell really as the Doc flits from age to age.
Sells programmes and earns the BBC some considerable income I believe.

  Coffee Adict 22:10 04 Jul 2008

Which is why its a mystery to me why the beeb refused to revive it for nigh on twenty years.

laurie53 - yes the Daleks do need to change their PR Company, its not working.

  rdave13 22:17 04 Jul 2008

I disagree. The Daleks always come back. The PR for the Daleks is run by Davros don't forget.

  Kev.Ifty 00:34 05 Jul 2008

I agree, Dr Who is almost everywhere. There was a ironical letter in the Radio Times the other week from a reader complaining that a feature about something non Dr Who had appeared in "The Dr Who Times"

Does the excessive coverage not tell us a lot about Telly today?

I have that Sky plus thing and despite having a million channels, many of them showing programmes like, 'Blokes Making Stuff'. 'How Do They Get Away With This Crap' and 'Snakes and Sharks That Nearly But Not Actually Bit The #### With The Camera'! Sorry FE :-(

There ain't anything of any value on TV above the Chewing Gum rating.


  tasslehoff burrfoot 00:41 05 Jul 2008

Dr Who is the best program on telly. David Tennant is the best Doctor (my "first" was Colin Baker)

I haven't actually seen it advertised - anywhere, at all. Other than forums I frequent in which the program is discussed.

  dagbladet 08:30 05 Jul 2008

I've also grown old with the Doctor right from the Hartnell days. For me David Tennant is the best. Also, the interlacing with Torchwood gives it another interesting angle. However, we do seem to be flitting about with assistants at the moment.

  WhiteTruckMan 09:09 05 Jul 2008

anyday rather than big brother.


  Pine Man 09:32 05 Jul 2008

'I have that Sky plus thing and despite having a million channels......There ain't anything of any value on TV'

Maybe it's you that is out of step;-)

  Quickbeam 09:54 05 Jul 2008

"There ain't anything of any value on TV above the Chewing Gum rating."

I think maybe we are much more discerning in what we watch the older we get... I used to watch 'The Dukes of Hazard', 'Wonderwoman', 'The incredible Hulk', The champions' etc. I watch as little as 4 hours or so a week now, I have more things to do than ever before... and chewing gum sticks to dentures:)

  Cymro. 12:43 05 Jul 2008

"I think maybe we are much more discerning in what we watch the older we get"

Yes indeed very true.
We have probably seen just about every kind of program that can be made and so find it even more difficult than ever to find something that is truly and completely new.

The programs are probably technically better made these days but still they follow the same old format as they ever did. I was about 10 years old before a television came in to our house so it was a very big novelty. We watched just about everything and anything they would through at us.

Some of the early programs that are so affectionately remembered these days were in fact a right load of rubbish. It is only with the memory of old age that they seem so good.

There may be some of you who do not know but the true reason that Dr. Who`s time machine is in the shape of a 1950s police box is that the BBC budget for the first series was too small to be able to afford a different Tardis for every episode.

So they wrote it in to the script that the device on board the Tardis that was suppose to enable it to change to look like it`s surroundings had broken and so the Tardis had to remain in the form of a London police box. That has now become an icon for the whole show and that is why the
Tardis is in the form of a police box.

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