Doctor I have this really bad headache

  carver 08:47 21 Jun 2012

Now I believe that if this had happened to me then I would consider myself fishing spear one very lucky person.

  wiz-king 08:53 21 Jun 2012

'elf and safety training required. You should never carry loaded weapons with the safety catch off.

  Quickbeam 09:28 21 Jun 2012

'Teen Survives Being Shot In Head With Harpoon'

Conclusive proof that teenagers have empty heads!

  Aitchbee 09:56 21 Jun 2012

Extreme 'body-piercers' will be jealous...I can't see the point.

  spuds 10:07 21 Jun 2012

At least he will know what a fish feels like, after being shot with an harpoon?.

In this country it seems as though being pieced by a wooden item or construction bar or nail is the nearest we get to harpooning, on a regular A&E week.

  Brumas 10:40 21 Jun 2012

I think some of these remarks though not intended and posted quite innocently, are in bad taste.

All this brings back horrible memories as something quite similar happened to my nephew nearly 30 years ago. click here

Remarkably it didn't leave him brain damaged or cause any other bad effect. Today, whilst being 43 years old and perfectly normal, he looks a great deal younger and has no memory of the terrible accident.

  carver 14:21 21 Jun 2012

AitchBEE "I can't see the point" just have to look at the back of his head.

  WhiteTruckMan 16:24 21 Jun 2012

I am reminded of a tale I heard some time back about someone who was fooling around with a nail gun in a pallet yard, and ended up shooting someone in the head with it from a fair distance away. The victim didnt really know what had happened until he tried to take his cap off, and couldnt!


  Forum Editor 19:17 21 Jun 2012

".....fooling around with a nail gun in a pallet yard, and ended up shooting someone in the head with it from a fair distance away."

In theory it's virtually impossible to 'shoot' someone with a nail gun - the guns are designed so that they cannot fire unless the safety device is pressed quite hard against a solid surface before the trigger is pressed.

Accidents do happen however, and there are frequent injuries to hands and feet. Firing a nail over a distance would require a major modification of the gun's mechanism.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:39 21 Jun 2012


Never underestimate the power of human stupidity!


  spuds 23:02 21 Jun 2012

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