loser7 18:17 20 Oct 2010

Given age discrimination laws I'm not sure if i should delete my date of birth from my C.V.

I tried a quick search online but there seems to be some conflicting opinions.

I realize that anybody with common sense can work out my approximate age by reading my C.V. but should it be left out or not?

  ams4127 23:00 17 Aug 2011

I retired at 68 last March.

Last week I received an email from an aircraft engineering company asking me to apply for an engineering inspector's job at RAF * on *. I rang and spoke to the young lady about the vacancy, told her my age and that I wasn't really interested.

Her reply was "We're not interested in your age and we are desperately short of aircraft engineers. Please send your CV"

Still thinking about it.

  kidsis 15:05 18 Aug 2011

I will never forget, when I was temping and the job I was doing was being advertised. As each reply arrived, the young 'lady' checking through them could be heard throughout the office: "over 40 - bin; over 50 - bin; religious - bin; (and even) over 35 - bin." The 'managers' did not intervene. This was some years ago, but I don't believe attitudes have changed, law or no law.

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