do your parents amaze you?

  dukeboxhero 16:42 16 Oct 2007

i have not long arrived back from a relaxing holiday in italy to find my father whos 85 just had to have a laptop while i was away, also somone in the bowling club said he had to have a wireless router as well, i have now seen my father more this last two weeks than i have in the last two years,
but he is slowly getting to grips with it

  Bingalau 16:48 16 Oct 2007

Great stuff. Maybe by the time I am 85 I will want a wireless router too (What is it?) You can't keep us oldies down you know. Mind you my offspring know less about these things than I do, so I will not get much help there. ...However I do not need them whilst we have the "Helproom".

  [email protected] 19:09 16 Oct 2007

my father was a great bloke, the only man on the planet i respected in my early days. he was a managing director of a large group, very old school (never let my mom work) never drank or smoked and went to church once a week.
so. i was in a club, half naked, on another planet trying/ failing to chat somebodys girlfriend up.
in walked a bloke in a crocodile outfit! this bloke raized the roof with all kinds of crazy dancing and stole everyones attention, he had a bucket with him, he was collecting for BEN.
so he was dancing with the girl i failed to impress, i went over to shake his hand and give him some change, 'nice one matey' i shouted over the music, and got the reply 'see you back at home smash'
it was the old man! that was 1985 and on top of my tv there's still a picture of a crazy guy dressed as a crocodile, my father.

  Bingalau 21:13 16 Oct 2007

adman 2. Maybe you can leave some memories like that for your own children. I know I have always tried to give my children and grand children a better life than I had. I hope I have succeeded. I think most dads are the same.

  wolfie3000 23:14 16 Oct 2007

My parents have done the most amazing thing ever in the history of creation,

They created me.

  lisa02 16:20 17 Oct 2007

Yes but for the wrong reasons.

  lisa02 16:25 17 Oct 2007

So you're just "the most amazing thing ever in the history of creation" are you?

LOL. that's nice.

  [email protected] 17:15 17 Oct 2007

i think he meant he wouldnt be here without them.

  wolfie3000 18:19 17 Oct 2007

exactly adman 2.

  big bloke66 20:58 18 Oct 2007

Especially my mum who gave birth to a 3 week premature, 11 pound and 3 ounce baby boy.


  Legolas 16:17 19 Oct 2007

Yes parents are amazing it is just a shame that sometimes we fail to realize this until we are getting on a bit.

When my mother died 7 years ago we as a family were very concerned about my father as he had always liked a drink but was tempered in this by my mother who hated drink and couldn't stand drunks.

We thought with her death he would use it as an excuse to indulge himself in alcohol.

My sister used to go out with him if he was going into town to keep an eye on him. We couldn't have been more wrong he never got drunk once and even now if we are out for lunch or on holiday a shandy is about his limit.

My sister once spoke to him about our concerns and what he said was that to have let himself go in respects to drinking would have been disrespectful to my mothers memory.

I admit when I heard that I cried, and respect for my father grew enormously. Oh yes parents can still surprise their children.

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