Do you like where you live

  bumpkin 21:18 27 Sep 2013

Like your house, like the area, like your neighbors or not.

Pros and Cons of where you live.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:34 27 Sep 2013

Like your house - its what I can afford

like the area - its near the family

like your neighbors or not. - we get on OK

but I've always wanted a house like X-2-Zero's (scroll down about half way)


  Mr Mistoffelees 21:50 27 Sep 2013

We live in a nice little bungalow, the neighbours are fine and rural West Somerset is a nice place to be.

  Aitchbee 22:23 27 Sep 2013

I live in a first floor flat [it's in a block of 8 x 5 flats], on the southside of Glasgow. [Last 22 years]

Pros:- too many to mention.

Cons:- I can [no longer] see the sun set over the distant horizon ... I used to live high up on a hill with a magnificent panoramic view of the whole of Glasgow.

PS. My neighbours, on the 3rd floor, have a much better outlook ... but I wouldn't fancy climbing up those stairs every day.

  Brumas 22:24 27 Sep 2013

Wouldn't want to live anywhere else only perhaps to move to a slighter bigger bungalow, not to move away from the neighbours because they are real gems. We live in the most unspoilt, beautiful part of North Northumberland, I can go to the top of the village and look left and see Lindisfarne Castle, right and see Bamburgh Castle then turn around and see the beautiful Cheviots.

We have a first-rate medical practice and can generally get an appointment the same day, a wonderful young dentist, a Co-op which opens all hours, three pubs all for just over 1,000 friendly souls. In fact it is as good as or even better than God's county, and that's saying a lot ;o}

The only downside is the single-carriageway cart track with bends and blind corners, more commonly referred to as the A1. In summer it is impossible, it once took me 15 minutes just to cross it on my way to Seahouses, if it is not tractors it is caravans which turn the whole length into, what I call wagon trains, practically impossible to overtake, I could go on....

  bumpkin 22:34 27 Sep 2013

So everyone is happy so far. FruitBat could not have the house he had always wanted as he made a bad request.

  rdave13 23:13 27 Sep 2013


  namtas 23:14 27 Sep 2013


Many years ago we lived at North Charlton lol

  Brumas 23:31 27 Sep 2013

namtas A delightful spot, sometimes take the picturesque route back from Alnwick, and pass through there and other remote yet beautiful places, in the summer.

  TonyV 00:11 28 Sep 2013

Like Mr Mistofelees, in West Somerset we live on the sea front with super views across the bay. Neighbours fine, Only con is it is a large ground floor flat with the attendant short comings. The upside is we are moving on Wednesday next in the same area to a very attractive chalet bungalow with ample space and our own front/back door and garden. The area is good, not the same view as we have now, but a super view overlooking Exmoor, so different, south facing and very nice. Everything is handy, shops, library, doctors, dentist and banks with plenty of good eating places all around us. Couldn't be better!


  morddwyd 06:57 28 Sep 2013

I cannot believe that anyone is really interested in whether I like where I live, unless they are thinking of moving here, any more than I am interested in whether or not other people like their own local area!

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