Do you wash you hands

  finerty 22:00 15 Oct 2012

only to find that the facilites are not up to scratch. Cheap soap, or no soap at all, or the soap has run out. No warm water, or the dryers not working. Has happened to me on several occasions. I believes its probably happened to you too.

Washing hands

  Brumas 22:19 15 Oct 2012

I do and what I find irritating are those driers which blow with no power, I also try to open the door using the cuff of my jacket or pullover otherwise it's a waste of time, think of all those who went before you who didn't wash !!'

  Woolwell 22:29 15 Oct 2012

The automatic taps are a great improvement.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:45 15 Oct 2012

Always carry some of that gel cleaner for those sort of occasions.

  lotvic 23:55 15 Oct 2012

I have a little bottle of that gel stuff they use in hospitals.

  mrwoowoo 04:00 16 Oct 2012

Brumas I open the door with my knuckles. I always thought it was me being too fussy,

  Condom 05:17 16 Oct 2012

Out here in the far east it is not just your hands that you wash. Toilets also have a shower spray beside the bowl and you are expected to wash your backside with them. Smells can get strong in the heat and personal hygiene is a must.

  kad60 07:29 16 Oct 2012

I do,before and after.The Dyson hand driers are awesome,wish he would develop a full body version for my shower room.

  WhiteTruckMan 08:44 16 Oct 2012

I agree with Brumas. I would far rather have doors that open outwards so once you are finished you can nudge them open with your foot.

Also, given the somewhat odd nature of some of the establishments I visit, I always take paper with me too!

About 3 weeks ago I got into a lot of trouble when delivering to a middle eastern bakery in bradford. While they were offloading my load of sugar I asked to use the toilets, and was presented with the usual 10' wide stainless steel trough contraption. I stood up to the mark and was just about to take aim, so to speak, when I was pulled away non too gently and was treated to a loud torrent of a language I didnt understand. It turned out that the urinals had been converted into hand washing facilities! Plus all the toilets had been replaced with holes in the ground.

I decided not to linger.


  Aitchbee 09:18 16 Oct 2012

At the last big concert I attended in Glasgow's SECC, I decided to wait my turn to use the very impressive/spotless toilet facilities before the show started. To my dismay, the hi-tec toilet-roll dispenser was either empty or broken. Luckily [like WTM] I carry an emergency backup roll in my shoulder-bag for occasions like this.

On leaving [after washing my hands] I felt rather smug ... but felt sorry for the line of Barry Manilow fans still waiting patiently outside.

  Brumas 10:27 16 Oct 2012

Condom, too true, memories of when I was stationed in Bahrain in the early 70s come to mind. As I recall the ablutions had no air conditioning so when you 'needed to go' you just nipped across in towel and flip flops. Even 2 minutes on the throne caused the sweat to course down the body as though you were in a warm shower. On completion you just had a cold (tepid really, it was never ever cold) shower and went back to the relative comfort of the air-conditioned Twineham!

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