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  Forum Editor 23:34 15 Jun 2011

PC Advisor has a brand-new Reader Panel and we would love to hear your thoughts on the magazine. To thank you for signing up to our Panel, you will be entered into a draw to win £100 worth of Amazon vouchers.

Click here to sign up and let us know your thoughts.

  eikonuj 00:44 16 Jun 2011

I was willing to sign up for the Reader Panel but why when the choose your language option is available can I only choose English from Canada, Ireland, Scotland and USA but not England! When England is chosen it appears as Great Britain but the others appear as chosen. England is one of the 'home nations' and should be treated as equal. Not meant as a political rant but surely you can see my point.

  Quickbeam 09:08 16 Jun 2011

English is English, and doesn't need to be specified, all the others are variations of proper English.

  sunnystaines 09:20 16 Jun 2011

signed up about a week or so ago when i saw in on the PCA main page, any idea when it will get started?

  simonjary 09:27 16 Jun 2011

Hi, everyone.

There is an English (England) option, although heaven knows why there are options for England, Scotland, Wales, etc.

I'll ask the partners we're working with to get the panel up and running why these options exist.

It would be a real help if as many people as possible signed up for the panel. You won't be contacted a great deal but it will help us keep the site the way the users want it and also help us on a few campaign issues.

Plus there's the chance to win £100, which can't be bad. As not many have signed up so far there's a very good chance that you could win!


Simon Publisher, PC Advisor

  woodchip 09:44 16 Jun 2011

Does this mean you can read it online? or do you have to buy the mag every month

  simonjary 09:54 16 Jun 2011

It's for readers of the print, online and/ore mobile editions of PC Advisor - so everyone welcome!

  eikonuj 10:21 16 Jun 2011

My point is when I click on English (England) option it ends up as English (Great Britain) and not English (England). It smacks of an American viewpoint. It is all academic anyway,as has been stated why have so many variations of English on an online panel? The panel is a good idea though.

  Strawballs 11:19 16 Jun 2011

England is part of Great Britain what's the problem?

  Legolas 13:12 16 Jun 2011

I just heart a loud bump I think it was eikonuj following of his hobby horse or was it his high horse ;))

  Algerian peter 13:58 16 Jun 2011

*My point is when I click on English (England) option it ends up as English* (Great Britain)

Any type of English is alright with me. I can understand it.

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