Do you use a mouse pad with your PC?

  PC Advisor 14:39 28 Mar 2011

Just a quick question: do you use a mouse pad with your PC? Vote in our new poll: click here

I'd also be interested to hear if those who do use a mousepad are gamers or not.

David Price

  Armchair 15:28 28 Mar 2011

No, I don't use a mousepad, and I game.

What will you do with this information?

  Forum Editor 15:42 28 Mar 2011

We'll send your email address to every mousepad manufacturer on the planet, and games companies, too.

That of course was my attempt at humour - we'll use the feedback to support an article in the magazine and/or on the site.

  David Price 15:44 28 Mar 2011

Yes, the Forum Editor is quite right. It's research for an article. In this case I'm writing a review of a mouse pad (for gamers) and was wondering how many people actually use them, and if it's pretty much just gamers who do so.

David Price

  wiz-king 15:49 28 Mar 2011

Whats a mouse pad? I use a mouse mat.

  interzone55 15:50 28 Mar 2011

I use a mouse pad, and I'm not a gamer.

I only use a mousepad because the movement of the mouse was damaging the top of my desk (Ikea manage to spread their desk coverings mere atoms thick)

  Forum Editor 15:57 28 Mar 2011

Same thing, different name.

  Forum Editor 16:05 28 Mar 2011

I went to a meeting at Microsoft in Reading, and they gave me a going home present - it was a very thin circular mouse mat/pad about 150mm in diameter.

It's made of some kind of solid, dense neoprene rubber material, and has hundreds of thousands of tiny blue glittery flecks in the top surface, and it grips the desk like a grippy thing. I've washed it dozens of times, and it comes up like new.

If you get your hands on one, treasure it - beyond any doubt it's the best mouse mat I've ever used.

  Woolwell 16:11 28 Mar 2011

Use one with my desktop but do not with the laptop although I frequently use a USB wireless mouse with it.

  mobileman1953 16:12 28 Mar 2011

do not need one use microsoft optical trackball mouse, had it about 7 years still good as new

  jimv7 16:13 28 Mar 2011

I use one of the newer type beer mats, good rubbery base grips well and its washable.

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