Do you think video games are to blame for the UK riots?

  PC Advisor 10:37 15 Aug 2011

Everything went a bit crazy last week and some people have pointed the finger at violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto.

Do you think it is fair to blame video games for the riots or is it just a knee-jerk reaction?

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  SparkyJack 11:26 15 Aug 2011

Blame Computer Games for the behaviour? Pf coursenot, nor Violent Video, or Reading the wrong literatur. The cuase of the trouble is simply parental -or lac there of and culture shift. David Starky has been castigated for voicing the opinion the the White youth are shifting to the Afro Caribbean culture- and when some youngsters are observed then it can be seen to be so, the dress- they way they shuffle along in their hooded sports 'Uniform' It is all to do with rolel models-/

It used to be famous film and sports individuals- now it is 'Rapping' and music from the MBO /

Get a new Role Model for these impressionable youngsters to emulate and things will move back.

A useful activity for the think tanks and spinners me thinks.

  lotvic 12:11 15 Aug 2011

If it's parents to blame, then some of the 1940's parents were not much of a role model: Teddy Boys (1950's), Mods and Rockers (1960's), the hippies and the skinheads etc.

  bremner 12:17 15 Aug 2011

Haven't we done this last week Previous Link

  lotvic 12:22 15 Aug 2011

bremner, yes you are right, I didn't realise this was a 'new' thread (must pay more attention)

This one is apparently for a poll on the subject.

  morddwyd 21:13 15 Aug 2011

Could we please just have a simple "No"?

I don't play video games and I didn't riot.

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