Do you think I'll get a NIP?

  Armchair 20:10 12 Apr 2010

Was driving along through a local village at 30-ish mph when I was shocked to see a copper pointing what I assume was a hand held laser speed gun at the front of my car. He was alone, standing next to his BMW patrol car. I carried on with my journey whilst pondering the set-up. No sign of any other police vehicles or cameras, and there was no room for them there anyway. He'd gone when I returned that way a couple of hours later.

So, do you think I could get a Notice of Intended Prosecution through the letterbox in the next 14 days, given that sort of set-up?

  bremner 20:11 12 Apr 2010


  Forum Editor 20:13 12 Apr 2010

they might just skip that, and move straight on to the fine.

  morddwyd 20:21 12 Apr 2010

Why should you expect to see other police vehicles or cameras?

It only takes one person, with or without a car, to use a speed gun.

However, if you were doing "30 ish" you may get the benefit of the doubt, unless it was a twenty zone.

  birdface 20:51 12 Apr 2010

You will know within the next fortnight.
I am led to believe that you have to be notified within a fortnight but not sure if that is correct or not.
Low 30's you will probably get away with it.Above 34 expect a letter.
Sometimes you have a choice of a fine and penalty points or go for some lecture somewhere instead.
Not sure what you call it.
With a bit of luck you may get away with it.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:23 12 Apr 2010

you might like to observe just what your vehicle speedo reads when the gps speed readout says 30.

Just don't get complacent about it.


  Armchair 21:23 12 Apr 2010

I don't know much about this sort of thing, but if I didn't get pulled over straight away (if I was indeed over the limit), and the laser gun wasn't connected to a camera of any sort........ How could they produce any evidence?

It's all interesting stuff.

  Armchair 21:29 12 Apr 2010

I don't have a satnav.

Anyhow, thanks for your input, all of you. I'll know for certain by a couple of weeks. I'll let you know what happens.

  Quickbeam 21:53 12 Apr 2010

If it was a handheld with no recording capability, you would have been stopped at the time. They won't bother giving chase if you were marginally over the limit, they're looking for serious disregard for speed in a village environment with those.

Standard roadside speed traps use parked vans set up with recording equipment either in them or set up remotely, and send NIPS to all drivers over whatever the trigger speed is. They make no personal interpretation of the circumstance. They're either triggered or not.

  bremner 21:56 12 Apr 2010

Have a read

click here

  Quickbeam 22:11 12 Apr 2010

It would have had a recording capability.

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