Do you think this is acceptable?

  rickf 11:34 24 Sep 2008

Watch this clip from the bbc. What do you think?
click here

  WhiteTruckMan 12:07 24 Sep 2008

to give some sort of hint as to what its about for the benefit of those with bandwidth limitations or dial up connections rather than just a blind link to a video clip that launches immediately. I did follow the link, but closed it immediately the clip played, and without an accompanying article I still can't comment on it.


  interzone55 12:16 24 Sep 2008

Are you asking if it's acceptable to post a link without any background info?

Or are you asking if it's acceptable for skin heads to hold a rally draped in swastikas?

Unfortunately if you allow people freedom of speech you have to understand that some may say things that are deeply unpleasant to the majority of society...

  Proclaimer 13:00 24 Sep 2008

there is no mention of anyone causing trouble or any violence. That has goit to be a news story in itself.

I would have asked them if I should feel threatened in my home with them nearby before I 'Fled the family home'...

  Forum Editor 13:07 24 Sep 2008

some draped in swastikas, drinking in and outside a pub and 'taking over' a field nearby.

As far as I'm aware it's not illegal to walk around with a swastika flag draped over your shoulders, or to gather with similarly dressed friends in a country pub. The swastika has been around for thousands of years, and was a symbol of peace long before Nazi Germany. If you go to America you'll see it all over the place - it was a good-luck symbol there long before the second world war.

Is it acceptable? Yes, it is as far as I'm concerned, although I can quite understand that for some people it has very unpleasant connotations. In 2005 there was a move to make it illegal to display a swastika anywhere in the EU, but our government strongly opposed the idea, and quite rightly in my opinion. It's illegal in Germany, however.

  Cymro. 16:21 24 Sep 2008

It is not something that would bother me, but the couple who fled their own home with their two young children were obviously very upset by it all.

Anyone got any suggestions as to what the couple in the clip should do if the some thing happens again. In their case it seems a matter of freedom of speech versus freedom not to feel threatened in your own home.

  interzone55 17:11 24 Sep 2008

The point is that this was a peaceful gathering, there was no crime committed.

This seems to a case of fearing an imagined bogeyman.

We hear a lot of people being afraid in their own homes, but we also hear reports that crime figures are down, but nobody believes them, because the media is full of stories about violent crimes.

The problem, as I see it, is that actual crime is down, but the perception of crime is up, because of the constant bombardment, and exaggeration, in the mid-market press, because bad news, along with pictures of long dead princesses, sells papers...

  natdoor 17:22 24 Sep 2008

I recently did a tour of Wembley Stadium with a german. We parked some distance away and, on walking past some houses, he was alarmed to see a hakenkreuz (hooked cross), the german word for the nazi symbol, on a door. Germans do not recognise the term swastika and I explained its significance to indians and others (click here) and we then noticed that many doors had the symbol displayed.

Clearly, the symbol in which people were draped at the rally was a "hakenkreuz" rather than a "swastika", being at the centre of a nazi flag. I find it incredible that people can hold such views given the suffering caused to so many of almost all nationalities by the underlying philosophy.

Maybe one way of reclaiming the swastika, the objective of the linked site, would be for us all to use the term "hakenkreuz" when that is what we mean.

  K_elt 18:59 24 Sep 2008

The story mentions previous problems, rascist chanting and members of the group urinating in the couples drive.

It includes footage of one of the group using the drive as a toilet. I would have thought that was enough of a crime for the couple to call the police.

  rickf 20:15 24 Sep 2008

I think I am right in saying that the Hindu symbolis different from the Swastika. The Nazi's reversedthe direction of the wheel Look closely. Many people missed this. Stand corrected if I am wrong.

  rickf 20:20 24 Sep 2008

Here you are at the bottom. The wheel of life points the other way. The Swatiska points in the opposite direction. This was done by designed. The symbolic anti-life message is clear.
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