Do you support a charity?

  johndere 12:33 28 Aug 2006

I do give but not as often as may be i should.
Mostly to the RNLI, Salvation Army, The Poppy Appeal & to others at a time of need.

I hardly give to some of thes street collectors who try to sign you up, as after it was mentioned on TV that some of them take commision on what you give.

  g0slp 12:36 28 Aug 2006

I do.

RNLI (obviously, as I'm a professional seafarer), Poppy Appeal & the main Breast Cancer charity, whose name I have for some reason forgotten...:(

  g0slp 12:37 28 Aug 2006

Also the Marine Society, for the same reason as the RNLI.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:01 28 Aug 2006

Not directly but I have a clear out every 6 months and any clothes or household items that I do not use or am never likely to use gets taken to a local charity shop for the homeless. I never hoard anything and the phrase 'it might come in useful one day' makes me scream.


  spuds 14:15 28 Aug 2006

I support a couple of small local charities, and somewhere in my heart, I have a very deep feeling for the RNLI who I support, even though I live miles from the sea.

One thing that turns me away from some well known charities, is perhaps the very high administration costs, with some executives on six figure salaries with added perks.I like to feel that my contributions to the needy, those without and not those with.

  spuds 14:19 28 Aug 2006

"I like to feel that my contributions 'go' to the needy, 'and to' those without and not those with". (if that makes sense!)

  anskyber 14:21 28 Aug 2006

Yes, the usual contributions to recognised charities. I also have a modest monthly standing order to Save the Children. Two reasons, firstly because the max of the contribution goes to the service as opposed to covering admin costs and secondly because children should not suffer from the rubbish decisions of others.

The famous picture of a Vietnam child running away from fighting was the catalyst to my decision.

  wee eddie 16:45 28 Aug 2006

We must have had a Charity Magnet as there were Collectors trying to gain access several times a week.

Eventually we discussed the matter of Charity Giving over 3 Staff Meetings, at the 3rd we drew up a list of 4 Charities that we would contribute to and we stuck to that for many years. However we did allow several exceptional collections, Drought, Earthquake etc.

  Bandy 17:17 28 Aug 2006

My wife and I give regularly to a number of charities.

However some of them, the charities, are in danger of losing those contributions because of the increasing number of telephone calls we receive.

We are rather fed up of justifying the amount that we are willing to contribute, and of saying that we do not wish to change our wills to include the charity.

One final note when a charity rings and asks to speak to my wife saying 'it's one of the charities she supports' I find it quite irritating to have to drag the name out of them before handing the phone over to her.

I fully appreciate the pressure many charities are under but feel that their actions are gradually persuading me Not to contribute rather than the other way around.

  namtas 17:20 28 Aug 2006

I am a voluntary District PR officer for Lions Clubs International, it is sometimes surprising that although we are the largest charitable Service club in the World many have never heard of Lions Clubs. We are proud to say that every penny that we earn goes to help those in need.

  Bandy 17:27 28 Aug 2006


I would second that. With many friends, wives and children associated with the Lions I am well aware of the excellent work they do.

Would also add that it is not just in fundraising, there's a lot of work done taking people to centres and hospitals and the like most of which goes even more without notice

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