Do you still think our policemen are wonderful?

  Cymro. 16:12 08 Apr 2010

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I suspect that this sort of thing goes on much more often than we think. The woman was eventually found guilty but that is no excuse for the way she was treated by these policemen. It was not even the first time for them to face disciplinary procedures by their own police force.

  Cymro. 16:39 08 Apr 2010

"the offenders are prosecuted"
Yes in this case but what about the once we never even get to hear about?

"plenty of countries where this would be assumed to be normal behaviour"
Yes very true but that is no excuse and we don`t want the UK going down that road.

  anchor 16:41 08 Apr 2010

It is most likely that, as ex-police officers, they will have a hard time inside. Good!.

  Joseph Kerr 16:42 08 Apr 2010

I dont usually feel good about anyone "going down" for anything, really, but will allow myself a warm glow here, due to the disgraceful abuse of power.

  Simsy 16:59 08 Apr 2010

the fact that our criminal justice system does actually prosecute police officers, and that they are punished when found guilty, is something that Britain can be proud of.

Of course it would be better if there were no "bad apples" in our police, but that's utopia, not pragmatism!

Our UK police have their failings, not least of which is funding, but by and large I'm pleased with them, both as individuals, and as a body.

Maybe it's just not reported, but I suspect that there aren't many police officers prosecuted, (let alone convicted), for wrongdoing in the other major European contries. My impression, (which may of course be incorrect!), is that there isn't the same professionalism and honesty, and honour, among the "beat bobbies" of Portugal, Italy, France and Greece, for example.

Do I think our policemen are wonderful? For the most part, yes!



  Cymro. 17:17 08 Apr 2010

and I could give all sorts of examples of them being wonderful. Unfortunately I have found that as a job it does rather attract the bully. Perhaps it takes that sort of person to do such a job. I have known a few policemen over the years, some good some not so good but they were all rather of a domineering and bulling nature. They have to be able to take control of a situation, be in charge and take no nonsense from anyone.

Even with something as simple as a traffic offence they all too often have no idea how to speak to people. The days of letting you off with a warning have long since gone but they could do the job with a bit more diplomacy. They are I have found not very good at people skills.

  onthelimit 17:23 08 Apr 2010

According to Life on Mars, that's how it used to be all the time! Doesn't make it right, of course.

  PalaeoBill 17:32 08 Apr 2010

Yes. I still think our police are wonderful.

No one tried to brush this incident under the carpet. The two arrested girls who were on the receiving end this appalling treatment (regardless of what prior provocation they may or may not have given the five police officers involved) withdrew their complaint. It would have been easy for the Greater Manchester Police to have 'made' this go away quietly.

To their credit the Police decided to bring the prosecution and handed it to the CPS. The outcome is two bad coppers go to jail. Result.

  Cymro. 17:40 08 Apr 2010

One of the first thing a young policeman is taught when he joins the police force is that he is at all times to "cover the back" of his fellow officers and they will equally cover his back for him.

Unfortunately this does not just apply to when a policemen is in difficulty on our at times very dangerous streets but when he makes a mistake and he wants his mates in the job to lie for him. So the biggest surprise about this case it that the matter ever came to court and that the video evidence did not mysteriously disappear.

  Forum Editor 19:20 08 Apr 2010

whether he wears a police uniform or not, and of course I still think we have an excellent Police service in this country.

The fact that two people act like a couple of animals towards another human being doesn't (or shouldn't) have any bearing on one's perception of the value of the Police as a whole.

  ronalddonald 19:32 08 Apr 2010

I think...

the fact that our criminal justice system does actually prosecute police officers, and that they are punished when found guilty, is something that Britain can be proud of.

I think they were very very racist in the 1970' going into the 1980's. Their attitude to other coloured hasn't changed much either. I should know since i've seen do what they choose to do a law onto themselves when caught a very slim sentences compared to real criminals.

Yes they have changed now due to camera evidence yet their attitude hasn't changed much towards people of other cultures

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