do you state your phone number ?

  p;3 22:08 31 Jan 2007

seeing this thread makes me wonder

click here

when you answer the phone do you state your phone number?

  Al94 22:11 31 Jan 2007


  Mr Mistoffelees 22:13 31 Jan 2007

No, I always just say hello and expect the caller to identify him/herself first if the caller's number is not known. We have caller display so people we know are identified before picking up.

  chocolate cake 22:21 31 Jan 2007

When I was living with my parents and the telephone was a relatively new addition to any household - The telephone was always answered with the number.

I can't say that I have done for many years now though.

  octal 22:32 31 Jan 2007

We are ex-directory, so I just answer 'ello?

I've had a couple of calls asking what number is that? I usually answer "what number are you calling?" It's not that I don't trust anyone, but I don't.

  Jim Thing 22:38 31 Jan 2007

Me too — for the same reason.

  rodriguez 22:56 31 Jan 2007

I also just go "ello" then if it's one of those surveys and they go "have you got a few minutes..." I just go "Nope" and hang up. If it's a sales call I just hang up. We're ex directory as well so I don't know how they get the number - they probably just pick 0121 then pick either 559 or 561 then randomly dial the last 4 digits. I'm quite polite with them, but Dad on the other hand is more rude. He feels satisfied if he wastes their time first and then takes the mickey until they hang up. His method still doesn't make them learn not to phone our number though...

  Totally-braindead 23:00 31 Jan 2007

No I don't if they don't know what number they have phoned then its obviously not for me. I just say hello.

  p;3 23:01 31 Jan 2007

they get an 'ello' from me too..

then the 20 questions start..'is that'...'no its not'(me fibbing)'what number did you dial?'
'you have the wrong number'
'can I speak to..' no you cant'
'I need to speak to..'

'you cant'
'can you confirm'
'no I cant'


slam phone down

  bluto1 23:11 31 Jan 2007

Yes, I always do, as a matter of habit. However having read this post, and the link, I`m now in the process of learning to say just yes. Up to now I always thought it to be good manners to give the number, but now I can see it`s more important to be defensive until you know who`s on the other end.

  anskyber 23:14 31 Jan 2007

No. I am ex directory. If the caller does not identify themself I wish them well and the phone goes down. I did not ring them after all.

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