Do you remember your first?

  Stuartli 14:53 14 Aug 2004

Apart from the computers I used at work or home from 1980 onwards, in around 1989-90 I was a club secretary and we agreed an Amstrad 8256 complete with printer (£399) would be in order.

It came with WP software from a company named Locomotive.

The club had around 400 members. To update the list you had to scroll through the full list to be able to insert a new member's name in alphabetical order. This took getting on for an hour and, if you missed the right spot, you had to start all over again...:-)

Printing was another nightmare and a hard copy of the full members' list took ages.

In the end I got so frustrated with the sheer amount of time being wasted that it was sold to a member...:-)

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