Do you remember your first?

  carolineann 21:46 27 Jul 2004

Many years ago I wanted to get rid of some wheel ramps and trolly jacks. The chap who came to see them said he did;nt have much money so would I be prepared to do a swop for a computer he had. I thought why not,I have got to learn sometime. After a lot of hard work and cursing I somehow managed to put it together .switched on , dreadful smell, really really dreadful smell. Took a screw driver to it and found it covered inside in white dust. Cleaned it all out worked perfectly, spent many happy years with it. Upgrading etc, etc. recently ran into the chap who it belonged to.
White dust . he had the computer in his workshop. His job was carving headstones.

I wonder how many other members remember their first?

  Aspman 15:41 04 Aug 2004

Acorn electron with the huge big pack on the back to read rom carts and connect the joystick. I was so dissapointed I wanted a speccy like my cousin.

Went to a Speccy 128+2A after that with the light gun. First computer that spoke to me with Robocop game.

Got an Amiga 500+ after that, Feel the power. Wish I'd kept it. It still had some the best games every. I still look for them on Ebay once in a while. I'll get one yet.

Got my first PC in 96 a Simply machine. It ran without fault until last year when it was put to rest in the attic. My Dad still uses the monitor.

Got a Dell P3 after that then built my own AMD 3000+ system.

Nothing seems as good as that Amiga though.

  Mister Splendid©® 19:07 04 Aug 2004

5 years ago finally took the plunge and bought a Gateway P3 450 with a ram upgrade to 128MBs and a graphics card upgrade to 3Dfx voodoo 3 3000 16MB. Seemed extraordinarily fast compared to the laptop I used where I then worked. A Dell P1 133MHz with the max installable ram, 72MBs. The Gateway is still doing reliable service with my best friend though he is now thinking about getting something faster.

P.S. That Gateway pc allowed me my first experience of the internet and led to my finding my partner, the most wonderful woman in the world, in a chat-room service called

  118-118 Got Your Number 14:52 06 Aug 2004

My first was a Commodore 16 and that's only because I persuaded my mum that it would be educational (yeh right).

20 years on I have a PocketPC HP2210 which is 4000x more powerful. I wonder what the next 20 years will bring.

Wake up Neo

  Cook2 00:52 08 Aug 2004

ZX81, Spectrum's 48k and 128k, Amiga's 500k and 1200k.

I'm with FE here, the Amiga was so advanced for it's time and had 'Windows' before 'Windows'.

A friend is still using the 1200 which I gave hime for free wehn I moved over to PC.

  Cook2 00:52 08 Aug 2004

ZX81, Spectrum's 48k and 128k, Amiga's 500k and 1200k.

I'm with FE here, the Amiga was so advanced for it's time and had 'Windows' before 'Windows'.

A friend is still using the 1200 which I gave hime for free wehn I moved over to PC.

  tommy2 01:44 08 Aug 2004

Commodore 64 then an Amiga, yeah that was the best for games and w*rk. Now I have a pc that I built and it dose what it's suposed to but the magic is gone. It'll take a lot to generate the Wow factor the Amiga did.

  tommy2 01:48 08 Aug 2004

Sorry to PostPost but alan14 said the Amiga never crashed!! You werent trying hard enough man :D

  wolfie3000 18:32 11 Aug 2004

my first was a bbc b when i was ten i have used and made computers ever since and im still having trouble im now 28 and still love those bbc computers any one remember the telly program with chris serle teaching people how to use them ahhhh fond memories lol

  Aspman 10:14 12 Aug 2004

tommy2 is right the Amiga would crash regularly.
Now I think about it it was my first tast of the BSOD. Except back in those days we screamed about Guru meditation and it was a black screen of death.

It always happened just as you were about to save a game after 2 hours of working through a level.

  Dorsai 18:19 12 Aug 2004

I remember a friend complaining about 'guru meditation'

Thogh the reason i read at the time for this error message is different from the one that a search of the web now gives.

Any way the First PC i ever used was a BBC B my Dad used to bring home from work during the X-Mas hols. His Work closed for two weeks, so he could borrow it to 'work at home' This work involved me playing Elite for hours on end.

When the ZX Specrum came out he bought me one. Hours of fun. Got the 'proper keyboard' for it. and the scratchy printer. Had a microdrive too. WOW. fast storage (nuts, short tape life!) Got so fed up with the expansion socket on the back flexing as you typed and crashing the thing that i unsoldered the socket from the microdrive controller unit, and spent one day carefully cutting 1 inch long bits of wire, and soldering them between the spectrum and the controller, to make a permenant joint. Surprisingly it worked, with about 50 contacts to hard-wire i got none wrong.

Had a joy-stick controller card too. had crocadile clips, and metal bars. By conntecting the right clip to the right bar you could imitate the keyboard with the joustick. in effect you hard wired the joy-stick controller to produce the required key-stroke from the movement of the joy-stick. In the end i knew the 'value' of every key stroke and could re-wire the controller card from memory to produce the required result.

Then a IBM clone, win 3.1...

Then fianlly got my own place and bought a second hand 'Lofgren' DX66 with 8MB ram, 3HDD, totalling about 1gig (needed a controller card to run the drives), and win 95. This was my first 'really mine that i bought' PC.

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