Do you remember your first?

  carolineann 21:46 27 Jul 2004

Many years ago I wanted to get rid of some wheel ramps and trolly jacks. The chap who came to see them said he did;nt have much money so would I be prepared to do a swop for a computer he had. I thought why not,I have got to learn sometime. After a lot of hard work and cursing I somehow managed to put it together .switched on , dreadful smell, really really dreadful smell. Took a screw driver to it and found it covered inside in white dust. Cleaned it all out worked perfectly, spent many happy years with it. Upgrading etc, etc. recently ran into the chap who it belonged to.
White dust . he had the computer in his workshop. His job was carving headstones.

I wonder how many other members remember their first?

  justme 11:23 29 Jul 2004

My first experience was on a Dragon computer with 32K ram and a tape recorder to save your programs. It did not have a monitor but connected to a tv. I bought it for my two sons for their Christmas and decided to get some programs written so that they could use it on Christmas day.

Started to learn how to program it and the rest is history as they say. My oldest son is interested in computers but his brother is not.

  Diemmess 12:50 29 Jul 2004

8" single sided floppy 330K..... 64K internal memory.........Everything, including o/s had to go onto floppy. It sure taught me how to use MSDOS.

A £1200 daisywheel printer produced very fancy letters with Tandy's own "Scripsit"

Later I added an end of line HD, which was big as a vintage record player and twice as heavy, had to be started one minute before the computer (to let it warm up to speed)..........The HD stored 4Mb and was a snip? at £2900. Their new model then was an 8Mb monster for a mere £4999.

  ventanas 13:08 29 Jul 2004

Something called a Dynabyte, back in 1981. Actually had a 9mb hard drive and 64k memory. Also had screen and keyboard in one unit. Operating system was cp\m, or was that c\pm. Can't remember now.

Whole think cost £12000.00. Just a bit better these days isn't it.

  cga 13:27 29 Jul 2004

My first computer with a stored memory was in 1964. It had 961 bytes of memory (31 squared) and lots of lights that flashed. We actually did practical work on this but programming was a nightmare as you had to make allowance for the time that transistorstook to switch.

Some years later I tookmy children to Birmingham Science museum and there it was! Great I thought, now I am old enough to be in a museum.

A few years later I went back and they had replaced the display with something more modern!!

  Talented Monkey 02:07 30 Jul 2004

nice to see someone else owned a Dragon32! I had one as a christmas present when they first came out. i was still at school, and taught myself basic and a bit of machine code, i still have my Programming the 6809 book. Anyone remember the relay switch box that plugged into the expansion slot? i went to local electronics warehouse come shop and found a box of old cord light switches that i wired up as buttons , and wrote some detection machine code to create a buzzer quiz thing. Made friends with a slightly older boy, with whom i helped do a Tandy self build making a somthing like the ZX81. Hes gone on to become a big cheese in Microsoft, and i well, erm if only... but thats another story.

  Kate B 14:56 30 Jul 2004

Mine was a cast-off 386 of my dad's running Windows for Workgroups 3.11 (or something like that)... though I remember my dad with an Apple II at home on which he ran some software he'd written to control the heating and the burglar alarm in his flat. He had sensors in every doorway wired to the Apple II which monitored temperature changes and the doors opening or closing. I guess I come from a venerable dynasty of geeks.

  Danoh 11:29 31 Jul 2004

igoring work related items ranging from IBM M/F, s36-38-as400 PR1ME minis, PC AT-XT-etc, the first would be a Texas instruments engineering calculator where you could store instructions on plastic strips to load into its tiny memory to execute complex calculations on interim results for research & development purposes. And even then, that was work related although personally owned.

Not until Pentium's and associated applications which could contribute to personal activities of any signifcance, did I divert money away from drinks, parties, etc!! Sorry but not geeky enough!!

  Mr A! 16:32 31 Jul 2004

I can remember my first computer. Windows 95. Office programs (i think!) Very quick but a mere 250MB hard disk. Do any of you remember Windows 3.1? Was it great, or not?

I have to admit though, in some cases I find windows 95 to be better than 98 or xp!! I worked in a school library. Ten computers, all Windows 98 and Windows 98 SE. Crashed all the time. There was also one computer which pupils used to search the library database (12,000 items). Runs windows 95 and i can't remember the last time it crashed!!!!

  ayrmail 20:42 31 Jul 2004

Dose an abacus count well yes, but dose it count as a computer had mine when I was about 2, after trying to eat it for about 2 years I found you could use it for something useful it added about 8” to my reach, never did find out what all the colours meant.

  Roadgiant 09:42 01 Aug 2004

My first computer was a ZX81 followed by a Spectrum 48k (still get stick about that as I bought it before fiance's (now wife's) engagement ring!!
I had 2 early IBM computers (bought from wife's work,I can't remember the details of the first one but the second one which I upgraded to the was the IBM ps2 30 click here massive 20mb yes I did say 20mb!! hard drive and my sister gave me Windows 3.00 which was on 5.25" floppies.

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